Autan® is the pan-European trade name for an insect repellant based on active ingredients from the class of repellants.


Autan® is an insect repellent that works against mosquitoes, horseflies, mosquitoes and ticks.

A repellent is a chemical substance that repels insects from humans. The specialty of the repellants is that these substances do not kill or destroy the insects. When applied to the skin, the substance evaporates and forms a scent cover that keeps insects away.

Application of Autan

As already described, Autan® is an insect repellent. It is effective against numerous insects:

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  • like mosquitoes
  • Mosquitoes
  • Brakes and
  • also ticks

After applying the substance, an effect of about 8 hours against mosquitoes and horse flies and about 4 hours against mosquitoes is obtained.
The exact duration of action must be observed on the product, because it can vary from product to product.

Autan® also applies to insect repellants suitable for use in the tropics.
It should be noted that Autan® does not help against:

  • Wasps
  • Bumblebees
  • Bees and
  • Something like that

Due to its suitability for the tropics, Autan® can also be used as a malaria prophylaxis.

Further information on the topic can be found here: Home remedies for mosquito bites


Autan® is available as spray and gel. What is important is the substance evenly is applied on the exposed skin. One should careful be with the application from Autan® in the Mouth and eye region. Wounded areas of the skin should also be avoided as the substance penetrates the body and Side effects would trigger. The application must repeated become. At parallel use of sunscreen should this at least 20 minutes applied beforehand to avoid side effects. It should always be noted that circumstances the Affect duration of action. These include, for example humidity or sweat. You can the Duration the effect to reduce.

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Side effects

Side effects at Autan® Rare to observe. It can still happen to one or the other Skin irritation and Irritation of the mucous membranes lead that with itching can go hand in hand. Allergic reaction can never be excluded. An allergic shock, on the other hand, is rather rare.

Compared to DEET (Diethyltoluamide, another insect repellent) are the Icaridin-Medium however better tolerated. Through the poorer reception in the body through the skin and penetration into blood, shows Icaridin despite the few and rare side effects, it is even better tolerated. So you can do it with sensitive skin apply. With simultaneous use of suncream you should at least get this 20 minutes before Apply Autan®, as sunscreen can increase the penetration of Autan® through the skin into the organism. What is important is the products kept away from children so that they are not swallowed. Accidental ingestion of Autan® can lead to more dramatic side effects, the heart- and brain damaging are. Also Vomit and nausea can be the result.


Become allergic reaction and Hypersensitivity recognized when in use, the substance should with Soap washed off will no longer be used. Even if no consequences have been recognized so far, should Pregnant women as a precaution, Autan® avoid. The same applies to children under two years. Autan® should Not on damaged skin areas after an injury or sunburn.

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So far only showed DEET a Interaction with plastic. This is with the current active ingredient Icaridin however not known. Further Interactions are to this day did not occur.

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