Hallux rigidus is characterized by an ever increasing stiffening of the joints in the area of ​​the metatarsophalangeal joint due to prolonged overload or osteoarthritis of the joint.
One of the therapy options for Hallux rigidus is non-invasive treatment with the help of the Hallux rigidus spring.

It usually stands before an operative treatment of the joint.

root cause

A so-called hallux rigidus caused by prolonged joint wear, i.e. osteoarthritis in the metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe. This creates a increasing painful stiffness of the joint. Straight Long distance runner or very ambitious recreational athletes are often affected as they are theirs Ankles due to frequent rolling of a particular load expose. In addition, both genetic factors as well as certain behaviors known who the Emergence a hallux rigidus promote can. (see Hallux rigidus, Cheilectomy)

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Through the increasing stiffness of the metatarsophalangeal joint will the normal rolling movement of the footwhich is essential to running, with special needs. Because of this it comes to severe pain. Since the The rolling movement is insufficiently balanced can be is already soon neither walking nor running painless possible. Recognizable Hallux rigidus is also on one decreased dorsiflexion (Pulling toes up), one Inflammation of the joint with eventual swelling and bony attachments to the already existing foot bones (Osteophytes). Osteophytes occur particularly frequently on the heads of the metatarsals on. Patients can no longer stand on your toes without symptoms, climb stairs or walk uphill. A X-ray image secures generally the diagnosis.


To Diagnostic assurance As already mentioned, one of the hallux rigidus is used X-ray image of the foot. On this are for the experienced doctor one narrowed joint space and small extensions (Osteophytes) to recognize. In most cases they are however the typical symptoms a hallux rigidus already pointing the way: You recognize one Thickening of the joint With Redness and one slight to moderate overheating. Last but not least is the Restriction of movementthat the patients experience to mention. This is often the reason for the doctor's visit.

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Especially in the Early stage of the disease at incipient restricted mobility in the big toe joint there is one Therapy with a Hallux rigidus spring on. Generally speaking, this method of treatment is used rarely used and then often as a first attempt at therapy scheduled, after which there is still the option of an operation. The conservative treatment hallux rigidus is extreme tediousso that today more often with good operating conditions the invasive therapy chosen becomes.


A Hallux rigidus spring is a special one adapted orthopedic shoe insolewhich can be prescribed by the treating orthopedic surgeon. In this insert, more precisely in the deposit core, there is a featherthat either made of metal or special plastic is made and rigidly attached has been. This feather leads under the metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe to the middle joint of the big toe. The entire deposit will put in a shoe of the patient's choicet and should from now on worn regularly, if possible constantly become.

The Hallux rigidus spring serves to relieve the foot or the metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe with existing stiffening in the joint. This should make a Pain reduction for the patient while walking can be achieved. The Facilitating the rolling movement it also makes it possible Keeping pressure away from the affected joint to some extent and with it that To slow the progression of the disease process. The whole mechanical influence from outside is minimized and last but not least one significant pain relief achieved.

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in the natural course Hallux rigidus shows one progressive course, so will over time getting worse. The Hallux rigidus spring can reduce pain in milder forms of the disease and the Delay the course, however, in all likelihood don't stop. So will the turn lighter shape into heavier over timeso that then further therapeutic measures should be started. As a rule, the patient is responsible surgical intervention such as a Cheilectomy (compare Hallux rigidus, cheilectomy).


To a hallux rigidus to prevent you should Avoid things that encourage development. This is one of the prophylactically effective things Wear suitable footwear (not too small!) and the sensible use of exercise. Joggers in particular should pay attention to not walking too long distances and your Observe regeneration times. At a known misalignment in the metatarsophalangeal joint, the unfavorable load can also occur orthopedic insoles from the beginning partially counteracted become.

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