Apart from breast enlargement through the implantation of silicone cushions or implants with saline solution, there has been the possibility for a number of years to have one's own fat implanted in the breast in order to enlarge it.

It should be noted, however, that despite many successful operations with this method, there are hardly any studies and it has not yet been scientifically proven which method is the best or has the fewest side effects.
Breast augmentation with autologous fat was invented in Japan and has also been possible in America and Europe for several years.
The aim was to prevent the rejection reaction by transplanting the body's own cells, which is a common complication with silicone implants and implants with saline solution.

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However, the first tests showed a so-called necrosis of the cells, which means that the fat cells died after the implantation. This problem can now be remedied by a special preparation of the cells. Even if breast augmentation with autologous fat now shows better results, this form of breast augmentation is still a controversial topic.
Especially since there are no long-term studies showing complications that may not appear years after surgery.


Before the operation: Before each breast augmentation, it must first be clarified whether a tumor is present. If this is the case, surgery cannot be performed.

Operation procedure: So that the breast enlargement can take place, fat must first be suctioned off. This usually happens on the patient's hips, bottom or stomach. Since around 400 to 600 cc of fat is needed per breast, very slim patients often have to gain weight before the operation.
Depending on the size of the patient, it is sometimes an advantage if there have already been breast implants in the breast, as the skin no longer needs to be stretched before the operation. If the breast is not already pre-stretched, it can be pre-stretched using various techniques. Depending on the procedure, this can take weeks.
Liposuction is the first step in the operation.
If enough fat is obtained, the fat must first be processed before it is implanted. A big advantage of breast augmentation with autologous fat is that only a small skin incision is needed.

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During this operation, it is only a few millimeters tall.
This incision is usually made on the outside of the breast, after which the autologous fat can be injected and distributed over the breast by applying pressure. It should be noted that even if a large amount of fat is obtained and injected, this volume will not last.
As a rule, the amount of fat that grows and stays in the breast is reduced by half.

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The risks of liposuction are as follows:

  • Fat embolism
  • Bruising
  • Dents in the skin
  • Swelling and redness
  • thrombosis
  • scar
  • Infections

Transplantation itself also carries risks.
This often leads to swelling, redness, pain, a feeling of tension, infections, calcifications and the formation of oil cysts.
However, this procedure also has advantages compared to "normal" breast augmentation. This is how she sees shape after the operation more natural than those with an implantation with silicone or saline solution pillows.
The breast also feels and moves more naturally. The scarring is usually less because a smaller skin incision is made. Cancer prevention is also not affected.
In the case of implants with silicone, a Mammography be difficult.

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Read more about the here Breast Augmentation Risks.

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After the operation

After the operation it is necessary to wear special bras that provide adequate breast support.
It usually takes around 5-6 weeks for the wound to heal well. The follow-up examination is handled differently depending on the clinic, as there are not yet sufficient studies on breast enlargement with autologous fat and it is therefore not clear which risks must be carefully considered.

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