Weight Watchers

The Weight Watchers as a mixed diet program is a group program with regular meetings. It is assumed that it is easier for individuals to lose weight in a group than alone. There is a certain group pressure, mutual motivation has a supportive effect, problems can be discussed in the group and the participants can arrange to meet up for sporting activities. The nutritional program of this mixed-food diet aims to slowly reduce weight in a very sensible way without going hungry, about ½ kg per week.

  • It is suitable for people with a BMI of 25 to 30.

At the Weight Watchers, points are counted. Each food item receives points that assess its fat content, health value and energy content. Participants are allowed to consume a certain number of so-called points every day. It is also possible to transfer saved points from today to the next and vice versa. This way you can "go overboard" again.

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There are no prohibited foods in this mixed diet (Sweets and other luxury foods in small quantities are also allowed) and there are usually no restrictions on fruit and vegetables.

For a short time now, the program has also named a total of 18 filling foods.
These are primarily:

  • lean meat
  • Potatoes
  • Pasta
  • seafood

With these foods it can be a little more, because an important principle of this mixed diet diet is: There is no starvation! The long-term change in diet should make you full and happy and this is the only way it can work.

The participants receive recipes, tips for visiting a restaurant and shopping recommendations.
The programs from Weight Watchers also include one Sports program for beginners and advanced users and tips for more exercise in everyday life.
There are around 700 groups in Germany. The sessions are chargeable.
The mean duration of therapy is 3 months. A balanced, energy-reduced mixed diet is offered, which contains approx. 1100 to 1300 Kcal. The goal is a long-term change in diet.
The weight reduction averages 5 - 10 kg over an assumed period of 3 months.
There are no available studies on long-term success. Medical care is missing.

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Brigitte diet

The Brigitte diet is a long-term program for changing eating habits and for more exercise in everyday life.
A wholesome, healthy and also low-fat diet is offered in the form of a mixed-food diet. The recipes are exemplary and the sports program contains useful tips even for beginners.

  • The Brigitte diet is suitable for people with a BMI of 25 to 30.

The daily calorie intake is included 1400 to 1500 kcal and with consistent adherence, a slow but sustained weight reduction is achieved.
You can choose between three types of nutrition in this mixed diet:

  1. Entry-level diet: Minimal program with recipes for dishes and snacks that can be prepared quickly.
  2. Green diet: Vegetarian diet
  3. Colorful diet: Low-energy mixed diet

The daily menu includes 5 meals a day with plenty of fruit and vegetables.
There are shopping lists for all recipes. The ingredients are available in every supermarket.
The new Brigitte diet additionally assesses the food according to its energy density. Ready meals are increasingly included and are assessed according to the traffic light principle and energy density.
There is a variant for people who like to cook and one for those who do not want to cook, which increases the suitability of this form of nutrition for everyday use.
Brigitte offers a so-called Figure coach, a virtual advisor that you can download to your mobile phone.

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This Mixed diet The program is based on three pillars.

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  • The first pillar is: “Eat well“.
    A low-fat, high-fiber mixed diet with lots of fruit and vegetables is offered. The recipes are very low in fat and the daily plans are varied. Tips are also given on reducing salt when cooking. Seasonal products are preferred. It is recommended to eat regularly every 3-4 hours.
  • The second pillar is: “Train properly
    The program also includes a training program consisting of endurance and strength training.
  • The third pillar is: "Think positively"
    A mental program should have a supportive effect and make it easier to persevere. The aim of the program is to change and improve diet and exercise behavior over the long term.

Fit for fun diet

This Mixed diet is a combination of energy-reduced diet, Sports and Relaxation.
This diet is based on a varied, reduced-fat mixed diet. The fact that the "Fit for fun diet“Applicable in the longer term speaks for them.
Weight loss is slow and reasonable. About 1 kg per month is achieved.
Exercise and relaxation are seen as an important part of daily life. Different possibilities of sport training and relaxation methods are presented for each type. When used correctly and in a targeted manner, relaxation can support perseverance and help with cravings and relapses into old habits.

Forever young mixed-food diet

The internist Ulrich Strunz is the founder of this form of nutrition. He assumes that Obesity and diseases of civilization can be traced back to improper diet and people lack vital substances and protein. Therefore, vitamin and mineral supplements and protein drinks are recommended. One begins with the so-called "vital fat burning". The term "fatburning" comes from the English-speaking world and means Fat burning.
It extends over ten days and includes intensive, daily 60 to 90-minute running training. There are also protein drinks and raw fruit and vegetables. Then the Mediterranean diet begins. It consists of lots of fruits and vegetables, lean meat and fish, and a glass of red wine a day. Food supplements, such as vitamins and trace elements, are recommended. The relatively high proportion of fruit and vegetables is to be assessed as positive. Dietary supplements are recommended. Here, however, the risk of an oversupply of nutrients can arise.

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The running recommendations are only realistic for very trained people. With all others there is a risk of physical overload!
The promise of losing ½ to 1 kg of weight daily is unrealistic, far too high and not in the recommended healthy range.

I'm losing weight (Society for Nutrition / DGE)

A program for diet and behavior change and for a more sporty life.
Suitable for groups or as a guide for self-help
At the beginning, a nutrition log must be drawn up. A movement diary provides information about everyday activity.
It will 5 meals a day and offered an average of 1300 kcal.
Suitable as a long-term program.
The desired weight reduction and the composition of the diet are state of the art.
Psychological support in the fight against established habits rounds off the program.
The scientifically based program is suitable to lose weight slowly and healthily and to maintain the weight achieved in the long term.

Bikini diet

The bikini diet as a mixed diet is a form of diet that emphasizes a vegetarian mixed diet.

It offers a reasonable 1500 kcal daily.
The focus is on fat burner foods. For example, it is recommended to drink an espresso after every meal because it is said to increase fat burning. It should be noted that too much coffee (more than 750 ml per day) hinders calcium absorption in the intestine.
Dietary supplements are recommended (Zinc, carnitine).
Best suited for people who already have normal weight, reach their personal ideal weight and only want to lose very little weight.

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