Education triangle

What does therapy have to do?
Therapy does not have to be a matter for the child alone. Very often one also helps Educational advice, especially in cases with potential for family conflict.
In addition, discussions with parents in advance of individual help for the child are important in order to provide advice and ultimately to draw up the anamnesis.

Since every arithmetic weakness is based on individual problems and can also be identified symptomatically, individual therapy should be given if possible. It is important that the necessary calm and mutual understanding can be found, as a positive mood ensures that you feel comfortable.
As a rule, children with poor numeracy do not have to repeat all of the content they have already learned. Basics of understanding are usually available, problems consist in the correct penetration of the content and in an appropriate solution.
After the diagnosis and the individual error analysis, one must first begin to fathom the child's arithmetic strategies. If this does not happen, all new knowledge building that is supposed to happen is questionable and probably not of long duration. It must be made clear to the children that mathematics can be understood and problems can be mastered by thinking through them.
It is difficult for a child to turn off their old ways!

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In addition to individual help aimed at the child, active, experience-oriented lessons with individual support and the opportunity for constructive practice and playful learning ensure one positive learning environment. This can be particularly useful in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčemotional problems, as the child builds up fewer fears and thus less defensiveness. Self-confidence is strengthened, especially through the possibility of educational performance assessment.

One notices from this short list of the forms of therapy how important the cooperation within the so-called education triangle becomes.

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