Latin name: Rosa canina
Genus: Rose plants
Common names: Dog rose, hoof shrub, dog rose

Plant description rose hip

Plant description: Thorny bushes up to 4 meters high with beautiful whitish or pink flowers and the well-known red false fruits in which the sensitive vitamin C can be kept quite well.
Flowering time: June July
Occurrence: widespread at the edges of the forest, rain, in bushes

Plant parts used medicinally

They are collected in autumn tires False fruits, cuts them open, removes the kernels (nuts) and dries quickly with little heat. The drug is stored in a dark and cool place to protect the ingredients.


Plenty of vitamin C, flavones, carbohydrates, fruit acids, tannins, B vitamins. The vitamin C it contains is particularly useful for the body thanks to the accompanying substances.

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Medicinal properties and uses of rose hip

Vitamin C increases the Immune defense. The drug is used at Vitamin C deficiency, with increased vitamin C requirement, with febrile infections, pregnancy, Lactation, poorly healing wounds and in Cold times preventive.

Preparation of rose hip

Put 1 heaped teaspoon full of seed-free cut drug with a large cup of cold water and let it boil covered for 5 minutes, then strain.

Combination with other medicinal plants

Tea in times of cold:

Rose hips with seeds 25 g / linden blossom 25 g. Pour ¼ l of cold water over 2 heaped teaspoons of this mixture, heat to the boil and bring to the boil briefly, let stand for 5 minutes, strain. Sweetened with honey, you can drink a cup several times a day.

side effect

not known.

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