Difficulty swallowing can also be relieved with simple home remedies such as neck wraps and tea.

Discomfort that can occur during the swallowing process is referred to in medicine as dysphagia. Various causes can be responsible for the development of such complaints. Difficulty swallowing can be accompanied by pain or just the feeling of a lump in the throat, and their course can be divided into acute and chronic.


The possible causes for swallowing difficulties can be very diverse. For one, there can be problems in the mouth and throat occur. In most cases it is inflammatory processeswho the Almonds or the Larynx affect. Those affected suffer from difficulty swallowing with Sore throat, one lump in throat and general malaise accompanied.

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Changes in the esophagus can make the act of swallowing difficult. These include, for example, changes that result from Tumors and obstruct the passage of food through the esophagus.

Works at the entrance of the stomach lower sphincter not right, it can become one Gastric acid reflux get into the esophagus and it arises heartburnwhich can also lead to difficulty swallowing.

Another cause can be a enlarged thyroid represent that both by a Iodine deficiency, as well as through tumorous changes can be conditional.

Complexes are another important cause neurological diseases, such as Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis or a stroke These patients can swallow because of Disorders of coordination or possibly existing Paralysis not steer properly and therefore also develops swallowing difficulties.

Also mental disorders can unconsciously cause difficulty swallowing.

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Various home remedies for swallowing difficulties

By simple and quickly applicable measures, one can try to alleviate swallowing difficulties. Are very popular and proven in their application well-known home remedies. You will for generations passed on and they are always happy to fall back on when you don't have any other medication on hand or don't want to take it.

Various remedies are used for swallowing problems, but generally all of them are one calming and especially anti-inflammatory effect exhibit.


Wrap out onion are often used in the treatment of swallowing difficulties. You need an onion or two for that thinly sliced will and briefly heated in a pan become. After that they will wrapped in a kitchen towel and packed like a little bag. You put the sack to the neck and wrapped around the whole with a scarf, so that the wrap also holds. The wrap should be in this shape act for a few hours. The onions relieve pain and can pull the inflammation out of the tissue and Kill germs.

Is also helpful Onion milk. It doesn't taste particularly good, but it also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Man boils milk up and gives cut onion cubes to. The whole thing should be something act and then drunk warm become.

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Neck wrap

Besides the onion wraps there is also other neck wrapsused to treat swallowing problems. Quark wrap are often used because quark is a cooling effect unfolds, which can be perceived as very pleasant if you have difficulty swallowing. One uses fresh cottage cheese, of the on a towel is given and then directly on the skin of the neck is placed. The whole thing is wrapped in a scarf and left act for a few hoursuntil the curd is dry.

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Are also helpful Potato wrap. In contrast to the quark curd, they produce warmth, which relieves the pain and promotes the removal of the pathogens responsible for the inflammation.

Salt water

The Gargle with salt water is also a well-known home remedy for swallowing difficulties and can several times a day be applied. Gargling becomes the Mucous membrane kept moist, cleaned and the salty solution works antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. You need one Teaspoon of normal table saltwhich in about 300 - 400 milliliters of water boiled becomes. If you have severe swallowing difficulties, you can use this gargle solution every two hours.


Honey is often used in addition to teas. If you have difficulty swallowing, it is particularly important to keep the mucous membranes moist so that no additional irritation occurs. Chamomile and sage tea are widely used because they have a calming effect on the mucous membranes and soothe irritation. By adding a teaspoon of honey, the healing of the inflammation in the mouth and throat is accelerated, as this develops an antibacterial effect. If you use honey, it also causes the irritated and inflamed mucous membrane to decongest.

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The root of the Ginger unfolds a anti-inflammatory effect and contains essential oils. For inflammation of any kind, ginger can be in the form of Water, tea or soup be used. With its anti-inflammatory properties, ginger does this Decongestion the irritated mucous membranes in the pharynx and stimulates Strengthening the defense against blood circulation on. Ginger is very easy to use boil in water and with something lemon and a spoon honey make a pleasant-tasting tea that relieves swallowing problems and sore throats. It soothes and cleanses the mucous membranes and unfolds one antibacterial effect.

Home remedies for swallowing difficulties in toddlers

For small children, the most cases inflammatory changes in the mouth and throat cause of swallowing difficulties. Often the complaints are caused by a Inflammation of the tonsils or also the epiglottis conditionally.

With a typical tonsillitis, the difficulty swallowing goes with it severe sore throat, fever, reddened, puffy and partially purulent coated almonds and one general feeling of illness hand in hand.

Also in the context of well-known Teething problems how Scarlet fever or mumps difficulty swallowing may occur.

To Relief of the discomfort one should take care that the children enough liquid to take in. Drinking is also recommended Chamomile or sage tea, since this is based on the Soothing mucous membranes act and reduce inflammation. Also cold compresses around the neck achieve a significant relief of the discomfort, as they also have a very pleasant and calming effect due to their cooling component.

Home remedies for swallowing difficulties during breastfeeding

If you are breastfeeding under Difficulty swallowing combined with a severe sore throat one should be careful what one is wearing Medication eats there some fabrics also through breast milk can be projected onto the child.

It is helpful in such situations well-known home remedies to turn. Be recommended cooling neck wrap and sufficient Fluid intake in the form of Camomile tea, as this calms the inflamed mucous membrane. You can gargle Sage tea use, which on the one hand has a calming effect and moisturizes the mouth and throat, and on the other hand disinfectant works.

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