At the Insulinoma it is the most common hormone-producing Pancreatic tumor. Often it not only produces insulin, as its name suggests, but also other hormones. 90% of the time it is benign tumor.


The main symptom of the Insulinoma are the so-called hypoglycaemia ("Hypoglycaemia"). These occur especially after physical exertion or in the morning after getting up. It comes to paleness, Tremble, Racing heart and diarrhea. Also states of confusion, epileptic seizures or even a coma to observe. Also Weight gain or decrease as well as cravings are to be found.


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The diagnosis of insulinoma is made by hypoglycemia ("Hypoglycaemia") and hyperinsulinemia (an excess of what is produced insulin) is proven. This is done by the so-called fasting attempt, which lasts 1-2 days and under which usually at Insulinoma such hypoglycemia occurs. With imaging techniques such as sonography, the Computed Tomography (CT), angiography and possibly endosonography can be used to find out the exact location of the tumor. If this does not succeed, it is possible to find the tumor surgically.


The goal of therapy is surgical Tumor removal. However, there are also drugs under the influence of which the release of insulin is inhibited if an operation is not possible. Chemotherapy is only necessary in rare cases (e.g. if metastases have formed).

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