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Burns, partial reps


The partial reps method involves shortened movements due to the resulting symptoms of muscle fatigue.


If a set can no longer be repeated in the entire amplitude of motion, the further repetitions are carried out with a shortened working angle. Many bodybuilders speak of a burning sensation or pain in the muscles. The intensity of this method is comparable to heavy duty training.


Per device / exercise, between 5-6 repetitions are completed in the normal range of motion until you are completely exhausted. This is followed by 2-4 repetitions in which the weight is not brought back to the starting position. This means that even more repetitions are possible despite being completely exhausted. Depending on your performance level, you should do between 4 and 8 sets per exercise.

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Depending on the workload of the muscles, a static phase can precede the following partial repetitions in order to increase the training stimulus.


The aim of Burns is to put additional strain on the muscles and thereby increase muscle growth. However, due to the changed lever work of the muscles, the effect of the additional repetitions is controversial. When bench pressing, you know that the chest muscles are exposed to the highest training stimulus when the barbell is at chest level. However, this phase of repetition is excluded by training with Burns.


If the partial reps are used correctly, injury to the muscles is excluded. In order to be able to prevent the risk of overloading, it is important to pay attention to the signals from the muscles.

For more information see our topic: Injury in bodybuilding


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