Risperdal® Consta® is available in powder form and as a solution and is used to prepare a soluble suspension for intramuscular injection.


Risperdal® Consta® is a preparation from the group of atypical neuroleptics with the active ingredient risperidone.
It is available in powder form and as a solution and is used to make a soluble suspension for intramuscular injection. Due to a special preparation of the active ingredient, Risperdal® Consta® is a long-term neuroleptic with an effect of several weeks.

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field of use

Risperdal® Consta® is used for long-term therapy schizophrenia used. Affected suffer from Hallucinations, Paranoia and Restlessness.

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Mode of action

The mechanism of action of Risperdal® Consta® corresponds to the action of the active ingredient Risperidone in the brain. Risperidone mainly inhibits there Serotonin- and Dopamine receptorsthat are the cause of the development of schizophrenia.
The action of the corresponding receptors is controlled by the drug muffled, eliminating the psychotic Symptoms alleviated become. Risperdal® Consta® has a positive effect on the Self control of the patient, aggressive behavior is reduced.
By injecting it into the muscle, the drug stays in the tissue longer and is gradually released from there. This requires the Long-term effect of Risperdal® Consta® in contrast to the same active ingredient in tablet form.


The dosage of Risperdal® Consta® depends on what has been taken so far oral dose Risperidone. If the tablet dose for the past two weeks daily 4mg or less, an initial dose of Risperdal® Consta® is 25mg administered.
The tablet dose has been daily for the past two weeks more than 4mg, a starting dose of 37.5mg Risperdal® Consta® can be injected.
If other antipsychotics are taken at the same time, the dosage of Risperdal® Consta® also depends on them Concomitant medication.
The usual dose is 25mg Risperdal® Consta®, which all the patients 2 weeks injected into the arm or buttocks with a syringe. The injection site should be chosen alternately on the left and right side of the body. Definitely not may Risperdal® Consta® intravenous administered.

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Risperdal® Consta® may Not with existing Hyperprolactinemiai.e. with increased levels of the hormone Prolactin in the blood. This prolactin excess can, for example, by a Pituitary gland tumor (Pituitary gland) (so-called prolactinoma).

Take particular care when taking Risperdal® Consta® Parkinson's disease and heavy Cardiovascular diseases. These diseases could worsen under Risperdal® Consta® therapy.
Also at liver- and Kidney dysfunction the indication for Risperdal® Consta® therapy must be checked separately.

Use in children and the elderly

Risperdal® Consta® is Not for use in children and adolescents under 18 years or elderly patients with dementia authorized. In elderly patients with dementia, therapy with Risperdal® Consta® showed an increased incidence of Strokes and increased mortality was observed.

Use during pregnancy / breastfeeding

Risperdal® Consta® should Not can be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Because the medicine increases the level of the hormone prolactin in the blood, the fertility and Fertility be affected.

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Ability to drive

With Risperdal® Consta® you can fatigue, dizziness and Visual disturbances be evoked. The ability to participate in Road traffic as well as for Operate machines should be clarified with the attending physician.

Side effects

Various side effects can occur when using Risperdal® Consta®. Symptoms similar to the Parkinson's Disease same (so-called Parkinsonism). It comes to those affected Difficulty moving and Gait disorders (small, tripping steps) Muscle stiffness and increased Saliva production.
Also kick frequently a headache, Gastrointestinal complaints, sleep disorders, Weight gain, dizziness and sexual dysfunction on.
With an intramuscular injection there is always the risk that the puncture site will become inflamed.


Since Risperdal® Consta® is administered to the patient by medical professionals, it is essential that the two-week Pay attention to injection appointments. Should the appointment not be able to be kept, should as soon as possible An alternative appointment should be made, as missing an injection can worsen symptoms and cause numerous side effects.

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