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The use of sodium phosphoricum is always recommended when the ratio of acids and bases in the body is out of balance. Nowadays it is usually an acidosis. "Too much" of basic substances in the body almost never occurs due to today's lifestyle and diet. This Schüssler salt can also help regulate fat and carbohydrate metabolism and thus even offer support in losing weight. Another large area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication is the skin: Since both oily and dry skin often reflect an imbalance in the acid-base balance, sodium phosphoricum can possibly contribute to an improvement.

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For which diseases is it used?

Sodium phosphoricum is used specifically for diseases such as heartburn, acid regurgitation and gout. Recurring gallstones can also indicate an increased acid content in the body and can be prevented with sodium phosphoricum. It is advisable not to use the Schüssler salt as the sole self-medication, but in addition to treating the symptoms. In the case of heartburn, for example, when using sodium phosphoricum, attention should be paid to taking gastric acid-reducing medication in order to avoid long-term damage! The Schüssler Salt No. 9 can also help with skin problems. The skin problems must have a metabolic cause, so there must be a metabolic disorder. To find out whether this is the case, it is necessary to look at all of the symptoms together.

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For which symptoms is sodium phophoricum used?

The main symptoms that make the use of sodium phosphoricum appear sensible are those of overacidification and a disturbance in the energy or fat metabolism. Heartburn, acid regurgitation, or a burning sensation when you pass stool may indicate that too much stomach acid is being produced. Gout and associated joint problems are caused by an excess of uric acid. Some gallstones are caused by accumulated, excess bile acids. The teaching of the Schüssler salts also includes the so-called face analysis: Indications that a certain salt is needed can therefore be found on the face and can be recognized directly by an experienced person. If sodium phophoricum is required, the facial analysis usually shows problems of oily skin such as acne, blackheads, oily sheen and large pores.

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Active organs from Schüssler salts No. 9

The active organs of sodium phosphoricum are primarily all those organs that are directly involved with acid: the stomach and esophagus with gastric acid and the kidneys, urinary tract and joints with uric acid. The blood also contains a large number of acids and bases which, as a so-called "buffer system", maintain the correct pH value, ie protect the blood from becoming too acidic or too basic. In addition, the skin is to be mentioned as an active organ, which can indicate a disturbance in the acid-base balance through impurities or a tendency to become greasy or dry out.

Usual dosages D4, D6 and D12

Sodium phosphoricum is most often prescribed in the D6 potency, and sometimes also in the D12 potency. The intake or application then usually takes place once a day. It is often recommended to take it from 7 p.m. or later, especially if it is combined with one or more other salts. However, hourly use can also be helpful for treating acute symptoms. It is usually taken until the symptoms improve. Long-term treatment with sodium phosphoricum can therefore last up to several months. As with all drugs, a suitably trained specialist should be consulted for the exact dosage and duration of use.

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Effect of Schüssler Salts No. 9 on the psyche

The psyche is not one of the main areas of application of sodium phosphoricum, but can be influenced by this salt. This then happens in the context of changes of mind or character, which are to be achieved through the use of Schüssler salts. Psychological or character traits that Schüssler Salt No. 9 is able to reduce are an (too) high need for control and an associated inability to criticize, which arises from an increased sensitivity of these people. If you are also anxious - especially at night and in the dark - the use of sodium phosphoricum can also help you to better deal with these fears.


A common form of administration of sodium phosphoricum is globules. These have an effect on both internal organs and skin complaints. Sometimes it is also a good idea to treat skin problems with both sodium phosphoricum ointment and globules from two sides. However, this is always an individual decision, which not least depends on the severity of the symptoms.

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