Pain while growing often occurs at night in children. They are not restricted in everyday life.

Growing pains are the pains that occur in childhood, especially leg pain in children, hip pain in children or pain in the arms that are not due to other diseases. They often come on in bursts and last for several weeks three to four times a year. Characteristically, the pain usually occurs at night and disappears again during the day.

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The growing pains come especially in children during the Growth spurts at the age of approx four to 16 years in front. Little is known about the actual causes, and medical professionals have proposed various theories of how this process takes place.

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Under the influence of Growth hormones, which are mainly formed in the evening and at night, that will Growth of bones and soft tissues stimulated. The children grow by about 0.2 millimeters in a nightly surge.
According to doctors, one possible reason for the pain is the different, rapid growth of bones and soft tissues. While gaps remain free for growth between larger joints such as shoulder, hip and knee joints, and so are gaps Growth plates are found in the large tubular bones, the immature muscles and tendons are already firmly attached to the bones. Doctors suspect this is exactly where the problem is. If the bones do not grow at the same time as the soft tissues, tension may develop, which may be causing the pain.

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The diagnosis is often called Exclusion diagnosis posed. The growing pains show up neither in X-rays, MRI or in Laboratory values. It also kick no typical signs of inflammation such as redness, swelling and fever on. If a child claims to have constant pain in the evening or at night, the parents should take it seriously and consult a doctor if it is severe. It is important to like other skeletal system disorders Inflammation of the bones, rheumatism or Bone cancer to exclude.

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The children often complain of pain and pulling in their legs, feet and sometimes in their arms. The pain usually only occurs in the evening or in the middle of the night and prevents the children from sleeping. You are restless, unable to sleep, cry, or wake up at night. The pain can wander and also change sides. In the morning the pain is no longer noticeable and the children are not restricted in everyday life. During the day there are no complaints when moving.

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Did the pain appear as harmless pain during growth highlighted by excluding other diseases, these can only treated symptomatically to help the child get through them as best they can. It needs a lot of affection and especially in the evening or at night Care to be able to fall asleep better.

An evening warm bath or one Hot water bottle, cooling ointments or else Sports ointments, can relieve the symptoms and help the child to sleep well. The homeopathic treatment with globules, among others with Calcium and phosphorus To remedy the situation. In the case of very severe pain, after consulting a pediatrician, pain killers such as Paracetamol administered.

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