A bruise, known medically as a contusion, is one of the most common injuries in sports. The effect of blunt force results in the tissue being crushed. The violence can take the form of bumps, kicks or impacts after falls. Visible injuries to the skin are often absent. Muscles and tendons in the shoulder area can also be affected. Shoulder bruises are one of the typical injuries in a variety of sports.


Shoulder bruises are often the result of Bumps, Blows, Fall or Clashes. The blunt application of force leads to the injury of vessels by squeezing soft tissues. This causes fluid and blood to leak out, resulting in a swelling and Bruising can lead. The sensitivity of the affected area to pain increases due to the inflammatory processes in the affected tissue.

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Shoulder bruises are particularly common Contact sports how Soccer, Handball or rugby in front. Also at Martial arts Bruises from blows are common. The Falling from a great height can lead to shoulder bruises even with skillful rolling techniques, such as the horse riding. Fall events in the Winter sports or at Climb can bruise the shoulder.


A shoulder bruise is usually already with Description of the course of the accident to diagnose. In addition, a thorough examination can support the diagnosis. Often associated with Pain kick in the shoulder area Bruising as well as a swelling the affected shoulder.
To rule out broken bones in the shoulder area, a X-ray be made. If the shoulder is bruised, this is normal.

Likewise, violations of the so-called Rotator cuff be excluded. It is a unit of muscles and tendons that enable the arm to move. This is done using a Ultrasound examination rated.

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The patient feels it immediately after the impact or collision Shoulder painrestricting any further activity. Just raising your arm can make the pain worse. Typically, the person concerned takes a gentle posture. The skin is usually intact when subjected to blunt force.
The injury to blood vessels causes a in the affected area swelling, warming and Redness. Bruising can occur. They are also known as bruises, bruises, or bruises. The cause of this is the leakage of fluid and blood into the surrounding tissue. In the course of the healing process, the bruises take on various discolorations. They can disappear or even be absent before pain is free.

You can also find other possible causes for Shoulder pain.

Treatment / therapy

If there is a bruise in the shoulder area, as with all bruises after the PECH rule are proceeded. Any physical activity or exposure should be immediate set become (P like break). In addition, a bruise requires one prolonged immobilization until there is complete freedom from pain.
Immediately after the injury, the affected shoulder should be covered with ice (E. like ice) or another coolant chilled become. This will reduce the blood flow and the amount of swelling. A compression with cooling, anti-inflammatory ointment can also be used in the acute phase (C. like compression).
The shoulder should go through a sling or similar relieved so that the weight of the arm is reduced to the joint (H like high camp).

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In the further course of healing, the shoulder must be spared. Pain reliever medication can be taken if needed. Are suitable Ibuprofen, Voltaren® or diclofenac. Aspirin® is less suitable because it promotes swelling due to its blood-thinning effect. Homeopathic medicines can also be used.

After the acute phase, for example after 48 hours, may now warming ointments can be applied, which can increase blood flow and speed healing. If there is no pain, the load should be increased slowly in any case. Full stress can worsen the bruises that have not healed. Light massages or others physiotherapeutic measures how Kinesio tapes or Electrotherapy can support healing.

Taping a shoulder bruise

Kinesiology tapes are used by physiotherapists, sports therapists, and doctors for a wide variety of sports injuries. This also includes shoulder bruises. The elastic bands are self-adhesive and should several days on the skin be left. To what extent they support healing has not yet been scientifically explained.
They are applied with a special taping technique. There are various options in the shoulder area. There will be each two strips Tape needed. The whole thing should be done by an experienced therapist, but can also be done at home if instructed. In any case, a second person should assist in applying the ligaments correctly under tension.
One possible technique is to stick a tape at the height of the Middle of the upper arm, this is then diagonally upwards Towards the head glued around the back of the shoulder while the second strip grips around the front of the shoulder.

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Here you can find more general information on the topic Kinesio tape.

Is it better to warm or cool a bruised shoulder?

It is important to close the affected shoulder immediately after the impact or impact cool. This reduces the blood flow to the tissue and less fluid escapes into the surrounding tissue. Swelling and bruising can be bigger, the better the area is supplied with blood.

After the acute phase, for example after two days can then warmth can be applied in the form of ointments or heat packs. The increased blood flow rate now aids healing.

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