The metabolic analysis or from the English "Metabolic Typing" follows an alternative medical concept, according to which every person has an individually different metabolism.

According to this endogenous and specific metabolism, a certain requirement for proteins, carbohydrates, fats and sometimes also trace elements is calculated. Depending on which company offers this metabolic analysis, the test person is assigned to certain types or assessed as an individual result.

In any case, the goal of a metabolic analysis is to offer the test person a concept of nutrition and exercise that should do justice to the individual metabolic type and that should show the test person a path to a healthy lifestyle. From a scientific point of view, however, the theory of metabolic types has not been proven and is therefore very controversial.

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Which methods are available for the analysis?

There are various options for carrying out a metabolic analysis: If you want it to be quick and easy, you can fill out various questionnaires on the Internet, which then immediately provide a result. Certain factors are then queried here, which can provide clues about the metabolism of the test subject.

If you are not afraid of a certain amount of effort, you can consider examining the genetic material. For this purpose, a sample of a body material, usually a saliva or blood sample, must be sent to the company for analysis. There, the subject's DNA is analyzed for certain genetic characteristics, on the basis of which the individual metabolic type is then to be determined.

While a test carried out online can be repeated more often and thus also provides an up-to-date result, a DNA analysis assumes that the properties of the metabolism are invariably anchored in the genome or in certain genetic locations of a person. This cannot be scientifically proven. The reliability of such a genetic test is therefore very questionable.

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Metabolic analysis costs

The costs of a metabolic analysis depend heavily on the method chosen: While tests available online are usually available and can be carried out free of charge, a genetic analysis of cell material is a rather cost-intensive method. Depending on the offering company, costs of around € 200 to € 300 may be due. This price usually also includes information or advice on the result of the analysis.

Reasons for a metabolic analysis

There can be various reasons for performing or having a metabolic analysis performed.

What they all have in common is that one's own metabolism should be understood in order to be able to better respond to the individual needs of one's own body. The topics of weight loss, muscle building or lifestyle changes can play a role here.

A poor metabolism or general complaints such as weakness or fatigue can also motivate you to think about a metabolic analysis. The result of a metabolic analysis is usually hoped to provide clues as to how to achieve these goals or why this has not worked so far.

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What do you do with the result of a metabolic analysis?

The result of a metabolic analysis or metabolic typing should help to develop a lifestyle or routine that corresponds to your own body.

If the analysis is based on the evaluation of genetic material, the company that carried out the analysis should also offer appropriate information and advice on the result. Recommendations on the appropriate lifestyle, for example with regard to diet and physical activity of the test subject, should be made therein.

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Evaluation of a metabolic analysis by

A short, free self-test for metabolic analysis is also available at . The six questions ask about the main topics of a metabolic analysis and lead to an immediate evaluation with an explanation of the result.

It takes into account which nutrients can be best processed and how well the body uses the food in general. If you want to deal more intensively with metabolic typing or want more individual results, you can consider a correspondingly more detailed consultation.

What are alternatives to metabolic analysis?

If you are looking for a way to adapt your own lifestyle to the needs of your own body, you can also consider advice from nutritionists or sports scientists.
They are usually trained to identify common problems and provide helpful tips to help you achieve the desired goal.

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Another possibility is to analyze yourself by finding out about criteria for classifying the various metabolic types. A diary, in which certain aspects such as weight and meals are regularly entered, can help here.

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