Chemical name

Tramadol hydrochloride

Prescription requirement

Tramadolor® is a prescription drug.


Tramadolor® contains the active ingredient Tramadolwhich has a central pain relieving function. Tramadol belongs to the large pain-relieving group of opioids, which are used for moderate to severe pain.

Tramadolor® does not only consist of the pain-relieving opioid, but also has so-called noradrenergic and serotonergic Components also have an antidepressant active component.

Dosage form and application

Tramadolor® can be given as a swallow tablet, an effervescent tablet, a suppository or as an infusion solution.

Tramadolor® can be in the form of tablets, effervescent tablets, drops, capsules, suppositories (Suppository) or as a solution for infusion (given into a vein). For each dosage form mentioned there are different preparations with different contents of the active ingredient Tramadol hydrochloride.

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Depending on the dosage form, the cause of the pain, the intensity of the pain, the age and general condition of the patient, Tramadolor® can be used in different ways, in different dosages and with different frequencies. What is most suitable in a specific case is decided individually by the attending physician and is difficult to generalize.

If Tramadolor® is taken in the form of tablets or capsules, this should be done with plenty of liquid (preferably mineral water).

Mode of action

The active ingredient Tramadol works on the one hand via the so-called My opioid receptorswhich are on nerves. There Tramadolor® leads to one Suppression of pain signalsby the Neurons due to a lack of electrical signals not be aroused.

On the other hand, Tramadolor® can through a Inhibition of resumption of the Neurotransmitters Norepinephrine and Serotonin the Pain perception influence.

Side effects

As with any drug, side effects can also occur with Tramadolor®. These can be classified according to the frequency of occurrence.

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  • Very often (affects more than 1 in 10 people) dizziness and nausea on.
  • Frequently (less than 1 in 10 but more than 1 in 100 patients) report about a headache, Drowsiness, Vomit, Dry mouth, constipation and increased sweating.
  • Occasionally (less than 1 in 100, but more than 1 in 1000 patients) will have an occurrence of Circulatory regulation disorders (increased heartbeat, faintness attacks, palpitations, circulatory collapse), diarrhea, Stomach discomfort or Nausea , such as Skin problems such as Rash, Redness, or itching have been reported.
  • Rare (if less than 1 in 1000 but more than 1 in 10,000) a Slow heart rate (Bradycardia) and one Increase in blood pressure, to a Powerlessness in the area of ​​the muscles, too allergic reactions (Skin swelling, shortness of breath (dyspnea), circulatory failure (shock)), tremors, decreased breathing, seizures, Sensory disturbances on the skin and Changes in appetite, as well as to psychological side effects such as hallucinations, sleep disorders, Nightmares or confusion.
  • Very rare (less than 1 in 10,000 patients / individual cases) taking Tramadolor® can lead to Increase in liver enzymes to lead.


When using Tramadolor® and others together medicines that depress brain function such as sleeping pills, sedatives, cough suppressants or drug substitutes, it can much faster to an overdose with serious side effects such as a reduced breathing activity or even a respiratory arrest.

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When taking Anti-seizure medicines (Carbamazepine), so can the Reduced pain-relieving effect and duration of action of Tramadolor® be.

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However, through the combined use of Tramadolor® and certain drugs against depressions or psychosiswhich lower the seizure threshold, Seizures occur. Also Muscle twitching, Restlessness, sweat and a increased body temperature are possible here.

Hence should Tramadolor® not with the so-called MAO inhibitors, (antidepressant drugs) be combined.

When taking blood-thinning medicines (e.g. Marcumar®) with Tramadolor® need this medication possibly. be dosed lowerbecause the Increased chance of heavy bleeding is.

When taking medicines such as Pentazocine, Buprenorphine, Nalbuphine or anti-nausea Setrons, is a Reduced effect of Tramadolor® possible.

In addition, while using Tramadolor® refrained from consuming alcohol become.


Tramadolor® is allowed not applied become at a known hypersensitivity to the active ingredient (or other components), or one poisoning with psychotropic drugs, sleeping pills, pain relievers, or alcohol.

Furthermore, the Taking anti-depressant MAO inhibitors in the last 14 days is a contraindication for taking Tramadolor®.

Tramadolor® should with

  • Breathing and consciousness disorders
  • existing State of shock
  • Head injuries
  • Brain diseases with existing increased intracranial pressure
  • Kidney or liver dysfunction (see also: Liver disease respectively Kidney disease)
  • Drug addiction (Opiate)
  • existing Convulsions

used only under close medical supervision become

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Furthermore, Tramadolor® should not be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding, with individual applications allowed in exceptional cases could be.

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