Lots Athletes always resort to so-called Supplements, Nutritional supplements, the the workout yet more effective and the results should make it even clearer. But not all dietary supplements are always free from it Risks and Side effects. And often the athletes do not even know what dangers they are exposing themselves to.

Especially cheap food supplements from abroad hold significantly higher Risks than domestic quality products, as manufacturing conditions and laws are often different abroad, which can then lead to contamination of the product.

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Tribulus Terrestris, also known as root thorn, is a plant that grows in the Mediterranean area and in Asia is at home. But also in Africa is known as poisonous plantthat should not be used to feed the animals. Two active ingredients Tigogenin and Diosgenin are particularly interesting and apply in Bulgaria as effective Opportunities to increase libido. Tigogenin and Diosgenin are steroid derivatives and can increase performance. But also Side effects of the means are known. At Rams kicked Poisoning, Jaundice and paralysis, which have so far only been insufficiently proven in humans. Gastrointestinal problems and mild Jaundice symptoms could be proven so far.

The problems in the stomach and intestines

The Problems in the area of Stomach and des Intestines come mainly from the oral form of administration of Tribulus Terrestris. This natural dietary supplement causes the stomach one or the other problem and can slight discomfort to lead. The symptoms are similar to those of one Food intolerance and are a reaction of the human body to that Ingredients of the plant. If you notice these symptoms on your body, you should stay calm and refrain from taking the remedy again. You can also go through the list of ingredients and check whether you have any intolerance to certain substances. If the symptoms do not go away, even if the drug has been discontinued for days, then it is advisable to take one doctor and have the matter clarified.

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Even before you decide to take this dietary supplement, you should consult your family doctor and clarify whether the ingredients interact with certain drugs or other preparations.

Side effects for athletes

For athletes One of the most significant side effects is especially in the field of Performance- and Top sport of great importance. Taking Tribulus Terrestris can cause a Doping test positive fails as this Supplement is known to the body in the production of testosterone to support. Thus, the athlete has an increased testosterone level in the blood and thus doped.

During the investigation, it does not matter where the increased value comes from. The only important thing is that it is there and that the athlete has cheated.

Other side effects

Other side effects However, which are only known through oral tradition and have therefore not yet been proven in scientific studies, are the following:

Due to the ingestion of Tribulus Terrestris there was several traditions of feelings of warmth and heat, increased activity and restlessness and increased heartbeat. For the most part, these side effects have been observed with dosages over 500 mg per day perceived. Furthermore, doctors described occurring low blood pressure by taking Tribulus Terrestris, and with it accompanying dizziness especially when getting up from lying down or sitting.

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On too the skin taking this dietary supplement may have an impact. So it became known that by daily ingestion the skin Sensitivities to sunlight exhibited. This then results in a higher risk severe sunburn to suffer. Doctors therefore recommend taking TT (Tribulus Terrestris) enough sun protection to apply.

On too the prostate can have negative side effects. If there are problems with the prostate, this can lead to an enlargement and thus the risk of Prostate cancer climb.

Also for women arise due to the Increase in the testosterone balance negative effects when taking TT. The permanent increase in testosterone can cause a masculinization enter. This can above all pregnant women who are ingesting Tribulus Terrestris. The masculinization can also develop on the fetus of the pregnant woman transferred and so already pre-birth side effects entail.

In general, TT can ensure that the Hormone levels get mixed up in the body and further side effects are promoted as a result. This can turn into a Change of voice up to an increased Cancer risk impact. If the pitch of the voice changes, normalization should be achieved when TT is stopped or paused.

As with many herbs that are ingested with food, TT allergic reaction and Intolerances occur. These can take the form of Difficulty breathing, itching, Chest pain, unexplained swelling, Hives, skin rash and Chest tightness and neck to make noticable. Also an allergic shock can be triggered by taking TT and should not be underestimated. Shock reactions with suddenly falling blood pressure are not undangerous and should get through a doctor be treated.

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In a few cases it has been over an increase in aggression reported from taking TT. A clearly increased aggressiveness could be observed and attributed to TT.

Positive side effects

In addition to the negative side effects, there are also positive side effects. The plant affects the production of many male hormones and can so on the fertility Act. These hormones include LH (luteinizing hormone), testosterone and the follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). The male sex hormone testosterone is known to be the Muscle mass and force to increase, recreation to accelerate and immune system and endurance to strengthen. The plant also has good side effects and persistence increases endurance, supports the body in Lowering of tissue water and lowers cholesterol levels.


In summary one can say that about the side effects of TT that yet not enough knowledge were gathered together to understand exactly the side effects. There are too few scientific studies, or mostly only short-term studies. Long-term studies, on the other hand, hardly ever occur. Reports about the various side effects mostly only appear very high dosages on and often only in individual cases.

Nevertheless, one should consult a doctor before taking this substance in order to clarify all risks and certain interactions with others Medication or exclude supplements.

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