The main principle of action, which is said to Schüssler salts, consists primarily in the balance of the mineral balance of the body. The idea of ​​Dr. At the end of the 19th century, Wilhelm Heinrich Schüßler insisted that the body could only recover if it had a balanced mineral balance and that disorders in this area could also trigger certain diseases. Also, for losing weight, the sole use of Schüssler salts does not lead to weight loss, but rather helps in the body to create the necessary foundations and eliminate possible obstacles. They should help to boost the metabolism ( see also: Metabolism diet) and compensate for deficiency symptoms. However, all of this is only possible in combination with a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

How does losing weight work?

There are various intake protocols for a cure with Schüssler salts, even entire books on the procedure for a specific weight loss strategy. The intake plans range from at least one to several weeks duration. Most plans have a duration of four to six weeks. Most of them have in common that in the beginning there is usually a more frequent intake of several salts at the same time, which changes over time. However, the combination of several salts is usually retained. The intake is usually in the form of tablets, which are sucked and should be taken before meals. Alternatively, the tablets may first be dissolved in hot water to subsequently drink the preparation.

It should be used as possible vessels made of ceramic and no metal spoons are used for stirring. Wooden spoons are, according to expert opinion, more suitable because they interact less with the active ingredients. The most appropriate protocol should be agreed in advance individually with a doctor, pharmacist or alternative practitioner to find the best possible combination in each case and to clarify possible intolerances in advance. Concomitant diseases and accompanying therapeutic measures should not be disregarded.

Which Schüssler salts are used?

For a weight loss treatment with Schüssler salts, experts recommend a number of different salts. The focus is on the salts Nos. 4, 9 and 10.

The salt No. 4, also called sodium chloratum, is said to have a strengthening effect on the metabolism. It should reduce toxins in the body faster and nutrients are better utilized. Sometimes it is also referred to as the salt of the mucous membranes, as it is there also a protective effect unfold. In addition, it should help prevent food cravings and favor the adequate intake of water.

The salt No. 9 is the sodium Phosphoricum and is primarily intended to stimulate the lipid metabolism in order to reduce excess fatty tissue faster. In addition, it should help to avoid acidification of the organism by the early degradation of certain metabolic products. Also, an increase in the movement drive and increased thirst is said to this salt.

Salt No. 10 is sodium sulfuricum. This is to support the body especially in the excretion of toxic substances and stimulate the metabolism. Also, excess water should be able to be excreted better.

In addition to these three main salts, the salts Nos. 22, 23 and 27 are sometimes used for weight loss. Salt No. 22, the Calcium Carbonicum is said to have a beneficial effect on bone metabolism and also have a positive effect on the mood. Salt No. 23, the sodium bicarbonicum in combination with the salt No. 9 can counteract the acidification of the body. The salt No. 27, also potassium Bichromicum is to support the body above all in the purification and help to excrete degradation products better. Even a more frequent regeneration of the cells is said to have this salt.


To get to the right destination, Schüssler salts must first be diluted similar to homeopathic medicines. This is usually done with the help of lactose. In the undiluted state, they would be much too concentrated and would therefore be excreted directly by the body, without first being absorbed. Dilution is therefore also considered to be potentiation of the active substance. Schüssler salts in potentiation D6 are often used for weight loss (dilution of the salt 6 times with a solvent in the ratio of 1:10). In addition, it is advised to drink plenty and plenty of fluids during use, so that the minerals can achieve a better effect.

side effects

Similar to homeopathic remedies, Schüssler salts are said to have no side effects or interactions with other medications. Only a lactose intolerance could be problematic, since these medicines consist to a large extent of lactose and therefore could cause discomfort. Therefore, tablets based on cane sugar are also available for this group of people.

If mild symptoms worsen after the beginning of the use of Schüssler salts, this is an indication that they have an effect on the organism and, in principle, are suitable for the person. After all, just as with homeopathy, the idea is that in the treatment of a disease, all disease stages are performed in rapid succession until healing begins. An overdose of the Schüssler salts should also not be possible. Only diabetics must consider when taking the tablets that consist to a large extent of sugar and therefore must be included. As a rule of thumb, about 50 tablets correspond to one bread unit. Nevertheless, before starting a treatment with Schüssler salts, it is advised to consult with the respective doctor, pharmacist or non-medical practitioner.

Criticism of this weight loss method

There is criticism of this method in that it is not scientifically proven to date. The positive results reports of this treatment are based exclusively on the experience of therapists and users who are very satisfied with this method. What is certain, however, is that the sole intake of Schüssler salts certainly does not go hand in hand with a drastic weight reduction. Rather, they can only be seen as a supportive pill in addition to a balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle and sufficient physical activity. It therefore remains open the question of whether the sole change in diet and lifestyle have the desired effect when losing weight and you could completely do without the tablets. Ultimately, the cost factor remains, which can usually not be ignored.

What are the risks / dangers of losing weight with Schüssler salts?

Greater dangers usually do not arise from the Schüssler salts. Only certain groups of patients should pay attention to a few things before taking it. People with lactose intolerance, for example, may develop intestinal complaints after taking such tablets, usually in the form of flatulence, abdominal cramping or diarrhea. You should be careful to use cane sugar based tablets to prevent the consequences of lactose. Special care should also be taken with diabetics, as the tablets are made of sugar and can cause blood sugar derailment. You must therefore include them before taking such preparations. As a rule of thumb, about 50 tablets can be counted as a bread unit.

How much can / should I lose with Schüssler salts?

As a good mediocrity in losing weight with Schüssler salts is that you can lose about 3 to 5 kilos of body weight by the cure within three weeks. However, only if the intake of the preparations also consistent with a balanced diet and sufficient exercise ( see also : losing weight with sports) is accompanied. If possible, it should also be avoided to lose large amounts of weight within a very short time, as these effects usually only last for a short time and can tend to worsen after the fact. With a slow but constant weight loss is expected in the long term with better results.

How can I avoid the yo-yo effect on this diet?

As with all weight loss treatments or diets, losing weight with Schüssler salts is above all the long-term maintenance of the changed lifestyle. In particular, a balanced diet and regular exercise must be sustainably continued in order to keep the weight constant even after the cure. Proponents of this method claim that it has a lower yo-yo effect than other weight loss strategies, as lifestyle changes tend to be slow and usually not too incisive for the person. Thus, it should be easier to maintain this lifestyle even after the cure.

Medical evaluation of the weight loss method by

So far, it has not been possible to scientifically prove the effect of Schüssler salts on the human organism with valid methods. Supporters usually rely on case reports and their personal experiences with the use of the substances, without them being able to be proven conventional medicine. In contrast to manufacturers of other medicines, distributors of Schüssler salts and homeopathic preparations do not have to provide any proof of the substance's effectiveness according to the German Medicines Act. All you need to do is show that the product is safe for human use in terms of purity, quality and manufacturing.

From a medical point of view, the intake of Schüssler salts, with a few exceptions, is unlikely to present any health risks. However, since a clear effect has not yet been scientifically proven, there will be no conventional medical recommendation for Schüssler salts.

What alternative methods to "lose weight with Schüssler salts" are there?

In addition to the method of weight loss with the help of Schüssler salts, there are many other diets or weight loss treatments, which each have many pursuers and critics. The diets range from fasting on the waiver of certain foods or even the increased consumption of certain foods. All of these strategies have in common that they have a quick effect, but are mostly one-sided and not intended for permanent use. Often occurs after such a weight loss and the so-called yo-yo effect and the possibly lost kilos are recovered in no time again or even increased in weight. On the other hand, it is more sustainable to strive for a balanced diet over the long term and to incorporate exercise into everyday life on a regular basis. However, this usually requires a lot of discipline and the results are rather insidious - but usually longer lasting.

How high are the costs?

Compared to other weight loss treatments, losing weight with Schüssler salts is one of the better options. Nonetheless, a pack of tablets usually costs 5 to 10 euros, and a cure requires at least three different ones.

Schüssler salts and hypothyroidism - does it work?

Hypothyroidism is not a contraindication to the use of Schüssler salts, on the contrary, certain salts are even suggested for the treatment of this disease. In particular, the salts Nos. 7, 13, 14 and 15 should be particularly well suited for this purpose. Special care should be taken with independent therapy in hypothyroid hypothyroidism, as thyroid hormones play a central role in human metabolism. Inadequate treatment of hypothyroidism could be associated with symptoms such as lack of energy, hypersensitivity, fatigue, hair loss, constipation and even weight gain.

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