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The homeopathic remedy Aluminia is mainly used for constipation and dryness of any kind.
These include constipation in the gut, urinary problems and menstrual cycle disorders.

In the area of ​​the face and head, Aluminia can help against dry mucous membranes of the mouth and bleeding gums as well as dryness of the eyes.

Another area of ​​application is jaw pain. In addition, Aluminia is used in more neuropsychological problems such as sleep disorders (including in children) as well as generalized anxiety and phobias.

Disease-oriented application

Concrete diseases that indicate the use of Aluminia are, above all

  • Constipation (see below),
  • Sleep disorders,
  • Anxiety disorders,
  • Disorders of body sensation,
  • jaw pain
  • and bleeding gums.

In addition, Aluminia can help women of all ages who have a mild and delayed menstruation but are exceptionally exhausted during and shortly after the menstrual period.

All diseases that can be treated with Aluminia are caused by a dry body or a disturbed water balance, as well as the nervous problems: Here the drought disturbs the perfect transmission of the stimuli. Depending on the severity of the symptoms and the diseases, high potencies and regular use of the remedy may be useful.

However, as always, a properly trained person should decide on the exact dosage.

Aluminia with constipation

The treatment of constipation with Aluminia has proved very successful. Since this is a form of "too dry", the use of Aluminia is obvious. The constipation can be caused by a hard, firm consistency of the chair.
But it is also possible a softer consistency, but still requires a lot of pressing during bowel movements. This can be the case with a sluggish bowel, for example. Usually, the urge to urinate long before the actual need, for example, by left-sided pelvic pain. In both cases, however, the use of Aluminia can be helpful.

Symptom-oriented application

The main symptoms are dryness and lack of fluid, such as dry, chapped and itchy skin, little urinary urgency, little sweating and a dry mouth. Neurological (nervous) symptoms, such as states of confusion or concentration problems, may also be more extreme.

Furthermore, a corresponding person can make himself felt by coughing, especially dry or chronic cough. Generally, the person is prone to colds and often gets sick.
Even a sensitive and easily irritable neck can be a sign of an alien person.

Another striking sign of Aluminia is the desire of the person for dry, sometimes even indigestible things like chalk, coffee beans or uncooked rice.

The complaints of Aluminia are worse with room and bed warmth, as well as with tobacco smoke, dry weather and physical exertion. Women experience a worsening of symptoms after menstrual bleeding, which is weak in Aluminia individuals but still amounts to physical exertion.

more bodies

Aluminia works before all on the water balance of the body. These include, in particular, the intestine, the kidneys and the blood: the intestines and kidneys are less secreted by the dryness, and the blood volume in the body drops. The latter is noticeable in women, for example, by a weak menstrual period.

In addition, Aluminia still acts on the central and (less strongly) on the peripheral nervous system. Here it provides relief from sensations of sensation (paresthesia) such as tingling or numbness and delayed, slowed perception of sensory impressions and pain.

Common dosage D4, D6, C12

Most of the time you dose Aluminia in the D12 potency with constipation and then take five globules twice a day. The exception is infants and children, who usually have a lower potency than D6.

Three of these globules are then taken three times a day until an improvement of the symptoms is noticeable. With a mild yet exhausting menstrual period, women and girls can try to use three times three globules daily in potency D6 until they recover. Bleeding gums and jaw pain require a higher potency, such as D30.

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