Latin: M. brachial

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The arm flexor (brachialis muscle) is located as a 3 cm thick, and 5 cm wide muscle just below the two-headed arm muscle.

Approach / Origin / Innervation

Approach: Ellen roughness ( Tuberositas ulnae )

Origin: attachment point of the deltoid muscle ( Tuberositas deltoidea )

Innervation: musculocutaneous nerve

How is the muscle trained / contracted?

As with the biceps, a contraction of the arm flexor is achieved by a flexion in the elbow joint. A classic form of exercise for isolated loading of the arm flexor muscles is the biceps curl.

Other types of stress occur in train movements in back training.

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The arm flexor (brachialis muscle) is a double feathered, powerful flexor of the elbow joint. Due to the relatively short lever arm, the muscle is able to reach a 20 cm rash on the hand even with a shortening of only 1 cm.

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