stomach pain

Synonyms in the broader sense

Abdominal pain, abdominal cramps, stomach pain, stomach cramps
English: stomachache

Definition of abdominal pain

Abdominal pain is a painful condition that arises either in the area of ​​the abdomen, where it is perceived as such or caused elsewhere in the body and transmitted to the abdominal region. Also read about disorders of the gastrointestinal tract

Symptoms of abdominal pain

As abdominal pain is itself a symptom, the following section will discuss the various forms of abdominal pain and other concomitant symptoms in addition to abdominal pain.

Each patient feels the intensity and type of abdominal pain differently. Above all, this depends on the fact that abdominal pain can have a variety of different causes, which can cause discomfort of different strength and in different areas of the abdomen. Often, however, the pain is not felt on the organ itself, the place where something is not working properly, but on the skin overlying that portion.

Often one can not assign the abdominal pain to any direct location and feels it as rather dull and diffuse distributed over the abdomen. Which disease causes what type of abdominal pain is explained in more detail in the Causes section.

Abdominal pain can occur throughout the abdominal area. In the jargon and for easier orientation for the medical staff, the skin is divided over the belly into four parts or quadrants, the center is the navel itself dar.

For example, the upper left quadrant is located to the left of an imaginary midline above the navel, and the lower right quadrant is therefore to the right of an imaginary midline below the navel. If the abdominal pain is around the navel, this pain is called a paraumbilical abdominal pain. Furthermore, upper abdominal pain (above the belly button) and lower abdominal pain (below the belly button) are commonly referred to.

Depending on the type of abdominal pain, patients often try to relieve abdominal pain through changes in position. Often, as the attending physician, the type of abdominal pain is recognized by the patient's posture, as patients tend to lie quietly in certain types of abdominal pain, while others walk nimbly through the doctor's room and can not lie still. Other patients report abdominal pain while sitting.

For cramps in the abdomen you will find more information here: cramps in the stomach

Figure left-sided abdominal pain

Figure left-sided abdominal cavity
  1. Heart - Cor
  2. Liver - hepar
  3. Spleen - Splen
  4. Stomach gaster
  5. Pancreas -
  6. Large intestine
    Intestinal tenue
  7. Small intestine -
    Intestine crassum
  8. Fallopian tubes -
    Tuba uterina
  9. Ovary -
  10. Uterus -

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