German term

Kockel grains

Use of Cocculus in the following diseases

  • Dizziness when lifting your head
  • often with vomiting
  • strong depression

Use of Cocculus in the following symptoms / complaints

  • cramps
  • paralysis
  • stomach cramps
  • Cramps due to flatulence
  • Fall asleep and sensory disturbances sometimes in one hand, another in the other hand
  • Weakness in arms and legs, neck and spine
  • Big, irritable weakness
  • exhaustion

Typical is the frequent paging of complaints.
Aggravation by driving in the car, train or ship (dizziness prevailing)

more bodies

  • Vestibular system
  • CNS

Common dosage


  • Tablets (drops) Cocculus D3, D4, D6, D12
  • Ampoules Cocculus D6, D12

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