There are several remedies that can be used to treat athlete's foot. Most of these can be acquired by a patient over the counter in the pharmacy and used on the home even.
Substances that are used to treat athlete's foot are called antifungals or fungicides (antifungal agents). Most active ingredients are available in the form of topical medications such as sprays or creams and also in tablet form for systemic, internal use.

The active substances clotrimazole and bifonazole are used particularly frequently. These usually have to be applied twice a day (depending on the product) for three to four weeks. The newer drug terbinafine, on the other hand, normally needs to be used once a day for only one week.

For more information, see the main article Athlete's foot.

Cream for the treatment of athlete's foot

If you use a cream for the treatment of athlete's foot, you should wash your feet before use and then dry thoroughly. Subsequently, the affected areas and the adjacent skin are rubbed with the fingers with a thin layer of cream. After use, you should definitely wash your hands. It is important that the treatment is done consistently, even if the symptoms seem to have disappeared to prevent the infection from flaring up again.

The advantage over a foot fungus spray is above all that the cream, in addition to the treatment of athlete's foot, also cares for the skin. It contains no alcohol and moisturises the skin, making it particularly suitable for treating chapped, flaky and dry skin on the feet. Also, any existing feeling of tightness of infected feet can be alleviated by applying a cream. Creams are produced by several manufacturers, some examples are Lamisil, Canesten® and Ratiopharm.

The self-therapy can treat about 70% of all athletes foot successfully. However, if there is no improvement in the symptoms, it is definitely necessary to see a doctor.

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