Synonyms in the broadest sense

Reduction phrases, decreasing phrases, advanced phrases, bodybuilding, weight training

often misused: supersets, supersets


The method of descending sets provokes a maximum utilization of the musculature by gradual reduction of the training weight.


This method is one of the toughest and most intensive method in bodybuilding. The muscle is loaded to the point of complete exhaustion and then loaded with progressive weight reduction per set until exhaustion. It is important that the athlete is fully loaded at each set. In this method, first pressure loads and then tensile loads should be selected.


The passage starts with a warm-up rate of 50% of the maximum load. Then the first set of about 85% and 5- 6 repetitions. There should be no further repetition possible. Subsequently, one partner reduces the weight to 80%, followed by 5-6 repetitions until complete exhaustion. In one pass, however, due to muscular overload, no more than 3 to a maximum of 4 passes should be made.

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