What is the school break?

The school break, also called lesson break, describes the time between lessons that students can use for recreation. In English or in the UK a school break is called "break", while in the US one speaks during a school break of "recess".

During this time, students can stretch their legs, visit the toilet, read, eat and drink.

There are several breaks on a school day that are of different lengths, so there are the five-minute breaks, breaks that last fifteen minutes or even 45-minute breaks (usually the lunch break). The students spend most of their breaks in the classroom, with a longer break they usually have a playground, with games and a break supervision.

How many school breaks are there?

The number of school breaks depends not only on the individual school, but also on the length of a school day. If the children stay at school for lunch, there is usually a lunch break, which is at least 30 minutes long, so that the students can take their lunch in peace. This break takes place between 12 and 14 o'clock.

In most schools, after a double lesson, students have fifteen minutes or at least ten minutes rest. If the student only has lessons until 12 o'clock, he will only have a break of fifteen minutes, but if he has lessons until 4 o'clock, he will have at least two breaks of this length and a lunch break.

Some schools take a five-minute break between two lessons, if not a double lesson. This five-minute break is often used to help students change classrooms.

In addition, some teachers also sometimes take a little break from drinking in the classroom, which is especially common in physical education.

What is the big school break?

The break is also called a break in the courtyard because students are required to leave the school building and stay in the playground, which is under the supervision of teachers.

A special regulation represents the rain break, it is arranged by the headmaster. In case of bad weather, students are allowed to walk in a building instead of going to the playground. The big break is used by most students to visit the restroom, have breakfast and chat with friends.

In elementary school, children often spend the break playing games, such as playing football, catching, hiding etc.

The times of the big break are determined by the school regulations of the individual federal states. However, they tend to take place around 10 o'clock when the students have two lessons and the concentration wears off. As a result of this break, two different subjects are often separated, allowing students to change the room.

What is a moving school break?

A moving pause, also called a break in movement, is an interruption of the lesson in which purposeful movement exercises are carried out with the pupils. Contrary to many opinions, these breaks do not represent a lost teaching time and are therefore not negative but positive, as they have a positive effect on learning behavior.

With little effort, material and time, the teachers achieve a renewed increase in concentration, motivation and attunement to new lesson content that follows such a break.

The students should be explained the meaning of a break in movement, so that they participate motivated. This additional movement not only clears one's head, but also makes students fitter and more self-confident.

What is in the school break law?

The school break law states how long the breaks must be at least, a distinction is made between small, large and lunch break.

The lunch break only exists at a school that also offers afternoon classes.

Furthermore, it is anchored in how many hours at most one after the other may be taught without a break. Depending on the type of school, this is a maximum of three teaching units.

Further arrangements regarding the breaks, meet the schools in a teacher conference itself, such as the lounges during a break.

Smoking during school break, how is this regulated?

Many laws and regulations around the school is the matter of the federal states. More and more federal states (for example Hamburg, Hesse or Lower Saxony) enforced a total ban on smoking on the school grounds. This applies not only to the pupils, but also to parents and teachers. With such a ban, smoking shifts during the break in front of the school grounds.

So far, each school decided by the school conference, whether and where smoking is allowed. As a rule, smoking areas were set up, which are neither in the corridors, classrooms nor in the break rooms.

The school law allows smoking only to high school students from the eleventh grade and vocational students, but in reality, cigarettes are consumed in much younger years and this is usually tolerated by the school.

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What should I eat my child for the school break (bread box)?

Often the parents pack their lunch box for their children at school, wondering what exactly belongs to them. It should be avoided that the children come home with the full tin or throw the bread in the trash. To prevent this, should always be taken when putting together the snack bread that the children like the food, which does not mean, however, only give them sweets.

In addition, eating in the eyes of children, this means that possibly the canned contents of the seat neighbor looks much more appetizing and therefore your own food is not eaten. The parents should therefore put together a breakfast, which the child not only likes to eat, but is also healthy and full.

An ideal breakfast consists of several portions, once the bread or rolls, which consists of wholegrain cereals at best and thus contains more minerals and vitamins than white flour and lasts longer. It is advisable to serve the bread heartily, such as with cheese to minimize the sugar intake.

Furthermore, the child should also some fruit, such as a banana or an apple, or vegetables, such as a carrot or cucumber, are packed.

The wrapping of sweets, such as gummy bears or cakes, should be avoided as far as possible if a healthy diet of the child is important.

For a balanced and healthy breakfast also includes a sufficient intake of liquid added, it offers water. If the child prefers a drink with flavor, parents can give them cold, unsweetened fruit tea. Soft drinks are not recommended due to the high sugar content.

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