Diseases of the foot

Around the foot there are a variety of clinical pictures that can have many causes. Limitations in the area of ​​the foot can occur, for example due to injury or age-related wear, or may be congenital.

Here is an overview of the most common foot diseases and their causes.

Below is an overview of the most common diseases of the foot in:

  1. Traumatic triggered diseases of the foot
  2. Inflammatory diseases of the foot
  3. Degenerative diseases of the foot
  4. foot deformities

Traumatic disorders of the foot

Broken foot

Fractures (fractures) of the foot can affect many different bones (toe bones, metatarsals or tarsal bones).

Depending on the cause behind the fracture, which bones are involved and how severe the fracture appears, different ailments can occur and different treatments may be necessary.

In addition to the fractures caused by external forces, fatigue fractures occur in the metatarsal area with very frequent overloading (eg in competitive athletes).

Here you will find more information on the following topics:

  • broken foot
  • Bone fracture in the foot

Sprained foot

A sprain (distortion) is a common injury to the joint capsule or ligaments of a joint. The collagen fibers of these structures are overstretched. It occurs mainly in athletes and physically very active people. Particularly at risk is the foot in the upper ankle joint. A treatment with a tape bandage is possible.

  • Foot sprained
  • foot bend over
  • Ligament extension at the ankle

Kinked foot

Tilting the foot is the most common cause of ligament overstretching, ligament strain, or ligament tearing on the foot. The foot buckles inward and the outer ligament becomes overloaded. The buckling outwards and thus a violation of the inner band is very rare compared to a buckling inward. A possible cause of injury to the inner band may be a hard kick from the front to the ankle.

It is important that the patient visits a doctor as quickly as possible after a painful kinking, even if the pain has improved again after some time. If a torn ligament is not treated, severe long-term consequences such as permanent instability of the joint are threatened; Also, the probability of another kinking is significantly increased. Also, the presence of instability over the years promotes the development of degenerative joint disease (osteoarthritis).

Inflammatory diseases of the foot

Here is a selection of important inflammatory diseases of the foot:

  • Inflammation at the foot
  • Tendinitis in the foot
  • Tendinitis in the metatarsus
  • Inflammation in the ankle
    Tendinitis on the sole of the foot
  • Inflammation on the ball of the foot
  • Inflammation of the plantar tendon

Degenerative diseases

Heel Spurs

The heel spur refers to a bony prominence or a withdrawal. Heel spur is a common, degenerative ( wear- related) disease. The incidence of heel spurs consequently increases with age.

Further information about the topic can be found here:

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  • Deposits in a heel spur
  • Symptoms of heel spurs
  • Therapy of heel spurs
  • Shockwave therapy in a heel spur
  • Taping a heel spur
  • Haglund exostosis
  • Haglund heel

foot deformities

Here you will find detailed information about different foot deformities:

  • Hohlfuß
  • Foldable base
  • flatfoot
  • splayfeet
  • club foot

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