Femibion ® is a dietary supplement, which is specifically aimed at the needs of women with children, pregnant women and nursing mothers. The products are put together differently depending on the phase.

The main ingredient is folic acid, which is designed to reduce the risks of neural tube defects in the unborn child. In addition, various vitamins are included, which should support the metabolism and reduce fatigue.

What do levels 1, 2 and 3 mean for Femibion®?

Femibion ® is a dietary supplement that is adjusted to specific phases. The numbers are indicative of the different phases in which the woman is. The different forms of Femibion ® are recommended at the following stages:

  • Desire to have a baby - Femibion ® 0
  • Early pregnancy - Femibion ® 1
  • Late pregnancy and lactation - Femibion ® 2

The components are for the most part identical except for a few variations. The main component folic acid is contained in all phases in the same dose. Femibion ® 2 supplements omega-3 fatty acids.

Indication of Femibion®

Since nearly all women have a relatively low folate level and this level is important for the development of the unborn child, Femibion ® is recommended as soon as the desire for a pregnancy exists. Ingestion continues until the child is weaned.

Most of the other vitamins are less needed, as they can be consumed in sufficient quantities with food. For certain deficiency symptoms, a dietary supplement should be chosen.

Femibion® in pregnancy

There is Femibion ® 1 for early pregnancy. This is a compilation for pregnancy up to the 13th week. From the 13th week should be switched to Femibion ® 2, as the omega-3 fatty acids support the development of the brain and the eyes of the unborn child.

During pregnancy, the need for folic acid is increased, which is not adequately absorbed by the diet of many women. However, sufficient folic acid levels are required to prevent neural tube defects in the unborn child.

Femibion® in pregnancy planning

Even before pregnancy, the woman can prepare for the increased need for nutrients during pregnancy. With Femibion®, the vitamin and folic acid levels are built up. A good supply of vitamins and other nutrients also increases the probability of conception. However, the vitamins can also be taken up by a conscious, adapted diet, which dietary supplements are not necessarily required.

Active substance and effect of Femibion®

Femibion ® is a compilation of various dietary supplements.

The main component of Femibion ® is folic acid in all phases. Adults consume about 200 micrograms of folic acid a day on average. In pregnancy, however, folic acid levels of 800 micrograms are recommended.

Femibion ® contains 800 micrograms. This prevents malformations such as neural tube defects in the unborn child. These include anencephaly and the open back.

Another component of Fembion is iodine, which is required for normal thyroid function. The vitamins B6, B12 and niacin reduce the rapid fatigue during pregnancy.

Vitamin C strengthens the immune system, but in the diet so much vitamin C is included that an additional intake brings no added benefit.

Vitamin D3 supports cell division, which can help the baby's development.

Vitamin E helps protect cells from oxidative stress.

Possible side effects of Femibion®

Femibion ® contains only normal vitamins and nutrients, which the body absorbs and requires in certain quantities anyway. For some vitamins, however, overdoses are possible. Vitamin D hypervitaminosis can lead to an increased calcium level in the blood. This can lead to severe kidney damage and osteoporosis.

Heavy overdoses can even end in death. An overdose of folic acid occurs only when the daily dose of Femibion ® increases fifteen times and can then be associated with neurological damage or paralysis.

Another ingredient that can cause side effects is iodine. Femibion ® is available with both iodine and iodine. This is necessary because people with some form of hyperthyroidism are very sensitive to iodine. Those affected should therefore choose the iodine-free Femibion ® variant.

In some women, Femibion ® may cause an allergic reaction. This can lead to the life-threatening allergic shock, which is an emergency medical indication. Easier allergic symptoms include itching, dry eyes and mild breathing difficulties. In case of an allergic reaction, Femibion ® should be discontinued.

Interactions of Femibion®

With anti-epileptic drugs folic acid can increase the likelihood of seizures. For some anticancer medicines, Femibion ® and the medicines can cancel each other out. Taking fluorouracil, also a cancer drug, can cause severe diarrhea.

Chloramphenicol, a broad-spectrum antibiotic, may inhibit the effects of Femibion ® . When taking Femibion ® and lithium at the same time, hypothyroidism may be favored.

Femibion® with iodine

Femibion ® is available in iodine-containing form and iodine-free form. For healthy women, the iodine-containing form makes sense, since iodine is a substance that the body needs for the production of thyroid hormones.

Since the salt is iodized in Germany, deficiency symptoms are rather rare, but pregnant women have an increased need. In certain thyroid disorders, however, sufferers must avoid sources of iodine and can then switch to the iodine-free Femibion ® variant.

When can Femibion® not be taken?

Femibion ® is a compilation of nutritional supplements and therefore has few absolute exclusion indications. For the iodine-containing variant of Femibion ® is a hyperthyroidism as an exclusion for the intake, as high amounts of iodine in the thyroid gland in this case can harm.

In the case of epilepsy, the treating physician should decide on the use of Femibion ® as some antiepileptic drugs should not be combined with Femibion ® . In case of allergic reactions to ingredients, the intake should also be stopped.

Dosage of Femibion®

Femibion ® is dosed so that one tablet a day equals the daily nutritional and vitamin requirements of a pregnant woman.

This dose should also not be exceeded, because on the one hand no additional profit is to be expected and some of the substances contained overdose can also harm. Even without other sources of folic acid in the diet, one tablet is enough to cover the daily requirement. Forgetting a tablet poses no problems and the tablet does not need to be made up.

What is the price of Femibion®?

Femibion ® is sold in different pack sizes, which also affects the purchase price. The 30-day pack costs approximately 18 euros for all variants, ie the desire for children, early pregnancy and late pregnancy.

Larger packing units are slightly cheaper. Femibion ® is a dietary supplement that can be bought free of charge in pharmacies. The funds have to be self-financed. If there is a proven deficiency of certain vitamins, other prescriptions may be prescribed.

Femibion® and alcohol - how compatible?

As a dietary supplement, Femibion ® has no ingredients that are not absorbed through the diet anyway. A combination with alcohol therefore poses no danger to the woman.

However, since Femibion ® is intended for pregnancy, women should not drink alcohol under any circumstances, as alcohol can harm the unborn child and cause severe disability. Even small amounts of alcohol during pregnancy can trigger the fetal alcohol syndrome, short FAS. Affected children suffer from mental retardation and hyperactivity.

Alternatives to Femibion®

The most important alternative to the dietary supplement Femibion ® is the adequate intake of the substances through a healthy diet.

There are still many preparations that only specifically compensate for a nutrient. Paediatricians have been calling for some time now that all pregnant women should take a folic acid preparation to prevent neural tube defects. These preparations can also be taken without other nutritional supplements. Other mixed preparations are available in pharmacies.

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