Introduction / General

The ankle is composed of different partial joints.
The two largest joints are:

  • the upper (OSG)
  • and lower ankle (USG).

These together form a functional unit and are referred to as Articulatio cylindrica . The ankle joint is one of the most stressed joints of the body because it has to carry the entire body mass with each step.
In addition to these exist even smaller joints of the tarsal bones, which, however, strongly fixed by ligaments and thus are hardly movable.

Figure ankle

Injuries of the ankle

Particularly often, the band structures of the foot are affected by injuries. In case of a typical inward or outward folding of the foot, damage to the capsular ligaments may occur with tearing, stretching or straining of the affected ligaments.
Bony injuries, such as fractures of the outer or inner ankle are possible, but rather rare.
With about 20% of all sports injuries, the ankle is very often affected by traumas of any kind. In comparison to other joints, however, scarcely any signs of wear and tear develop in the ankle, unless trauma has preceded it.
Thus, the most common arthrosis after ankle dislocation fractures or complex capsule-ligament injuries arise.

Common ankle injuries:

  • Torn ligament in the ankle joint
  • Ligament extension in the ankle
  • Cartilage damage in the ankle
  • Inflammation of the ankle
  • ankle fracture
  • ankle arthritis

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