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The cosmetic foot care can also be done at home. Please note that you should visit a doctor for athlete's foot, ingrown toe nails, warts and corns! Above all, diabetics should only perform the foot care after training themselves, as the disease often interferes with pain sensation on the feet, and thus there is a risk of cutting too deeply into the tissue when removing nails or cornea!

To perform foot care yourself, you need the following materials:

  • basin
  • bath additive
  • Nail scissors or clippers
  • nailfile
  • Pumice or corneal file
  • Nail polish at will
  • nail oil
  • Cream or lotion

Instructions for performing a pedicure

Below is a guide to performing a pedicure

Foot Care Step 1:
Start with a warm foot bath. This should not exceed 38 ° Celsius and last about 10 to 15 minutes; but no longer because otherwise the skin dries out. At will you can add bath products. Soaps are usually highly alkaline and thus destroy the natural acid mantle of the skin, this also applies to the foot. Use only ph-neutral soaps. In addition, essential oils can be added. While lavender has a soothing effect, menthol and camphor stimulate.
The foot bath is used for cleansing, corneal softening and warming of the feet through an increase in circulation. Then dab your feet gently dry.
Foot Care Step 2:
Carefully cut or flip off the toenails that protrude above the knoll. Do not leave sharp edges, otherwise there is a risk of waxing toenails. The shape of the toenails should be as straight as possible, as round edges like to grow under the skin.
Then file the shortened toenails to eliminate sharp edges.
Foot Care Step 3:
Carefully and slowly push back the cuticle. In doing so, please only push, do not cut, as it comes with the thin sensitive cuticles quickly bleeding, which can easily inflame.
Foot Care Step 4:
Cosmetic foot care includes the removal of calluses.
Gently rub excess corneas on heels and ball of foot with pumice or a corneal file. The cornea is softened by the bath and should be easy to loosen. Please do not use cornea planers, as the risk of injury when too deep cutting is too great!
Foot Care Step 5:
Depending on your preference, you can now paint the toenails or apply nail care oil. Wait until the nail polish has dried.
Foot Care Step 6:
Afterwards you can massage a rich cream - eg a special foot care cream - in circular movements into your feet. This not only nourishes the skin and protects against dehydration, but also stimulates the circulation of the feet. Cold feet are so warm again.

For more information on foot care in the cornea, visit our home remedies for the cornea .

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