Acute runny nose at the beginning of a feverish infection

Homeopathic medicines

As homeopathic medicines the following are possible:

  • Gelsemium (False Jasmine)
  • Nux vomica (Brechnuss)
  • Sabadilla (lice grains)
  • Allium cepa (onion)
  • Euphrasia officinalis (eyebright)

Gelsemium (False Jasmine)

Prescription up to and including D3!

  • Dull headache and only a slight fever
  • The cold is copious, watery and spicy (nose turns red and sore quickly)
  • Frost showers on the back
  • reddened face
  • You feel very sleepy and dizzy
  • Heat and movement worsen, peace improves.

Typical dosage of Gelsemium (false jasmine) in case of cold: drops D6

Further information about Gelsemium (False Jasmine) can be found under our topic: Gelsemium

Nux vomica (Brechnuss)

Especially with colds as a result of cooling / hypothermia.

  • Sensitive to drafts
  • Cold after cold, not very strong, slimy, thin and mild
  • Nose runs during the day, in the cold, in the morning
  • At night and in warm rooms rather stuffy nose
  • Best outdoors at medium temperature. Drop D6

General dosage of Nux vomica (vomit nut) in case of cold: drop D6

Further information on Nux vomica (Brechnuss) can be found under our topic: Nux vomica

Sabadilla (lice grains)

  • Sensitive to cold, nervous people get cold after every cold
  • Eyes tears
  • heavy sneezing attacks
  • the cold is plentiful, thin but still clogged (alternately one nostril clogged, one open)
  • Pain in throat when swallowing
  • Better in warm air and by warm drink
  • worse in the cold and by floral scent

General dosage of Sabadilla (lice grains) in case of cold: drops D6

For more information on Sabadilla see our topic: Sabadilla

Allium cepa (onion)

Allium cepa (onion) works particularly well when the nose and eyes are affected.

  • Sharp, watery runny nose that makes your nose sore
  • The conjunctiva is red, but the secretion is mild and does not irritate
  • Characteristic of Allium is a sharp cold and mild tears
  • Deterioration in the heat
  • better outdoors

General dosage of Allium cepa (kitchen onion) in case of cold: drops D6

For more information about Allium cepa (onion), see our topic: Allium cepa (onion)

Euphrasia officinalis (eyebright)

  • Here the conjunctivitis is more violent than the cold
  • The tears are sharp and sore
  • The secretion of the eyes quickly becomes slimy and thick and clogs the eyelids
  • Strong photophobia
  • Runny watery and mild
  • Characteristic of Euphrasia are sharp tears and mild colds
  • Worse in the warm room and during the day

Common dosage of Euphrasia officinalis (eyebright) in case of cold: drops D6

Further information on Euphrasia officinalis (eyebright) can be found under our topic: Euphrasia officinalis

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