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Use of Lycopodium in the following symptoms / complaints

  • Lack of digestive power
  • Liver dysfunction
  • general weakness
  • yellowish skin color
  • Emaciation of the upper body
  • Belly bloated, hemispherical protruding
  • Water retention often on the lower body
  • Despite a big appetite after a few bites
  • bloating
  • flatulence
  • Acid regurgitation and acid vomiting
  • Urine cloudy
  • Mucous congestion of the bronchial tubes
  • Sullen people
  • mental fatigue
  • Hypochondria (exaggerated fear of being ill) with hysterical features.

Aggravation in peace and warmth (especially bed warmth).
Improvement through continued movement and cool, fresh air.

Use of Lycopodium in the following disorders in homeopathy

  • Stool constipation with bleeding hemorrhoids
  • impotence
  • lack of interest in sexuality

more bodies

  • liver
  • central nervesystem
  • thyroid

Common dosage


  • Tablets (drops) D3, D4, D6, D12
  • Ampoules D6, D10, D12 and higher.

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