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One of the desired effects in some indications, namely sedation, may of course also become an undesirable side effect and manifest as drowsiness, heaviness and fatigue. Therefore, it is very important to remind the patient that reactivity is impaired when taking Valium ® ( Valium ® side effects ), so active driving (or the like) is strongly discouraged.
Another side effect of Valium ® (Valium ® side effects) may be the so-called paradoxical effect of restlessness and insomnia, especially in elderly patients. The same phenomenon often occurs when withdrawal from benzodiazepine dependency occurs, here it is called a rebound effect.
An anterograde ( that is, forward from a certain point of time ) may also appear as a side effect. New events or content are therefore not adequately stored. However, it usually only covers a short period of time, if it occurs at all (Valium ® side effects).


Valium ® (diazepam), like all other benzodiazepines, should not be taken during pregnancy as it can lead to developmental disorders of the fetus. In addition, newborns often suffer from so-called floppy-infant syndrome (also: floppy-child syndrome) with respiratory distress, muscle weakness and low temperature (Valium ® side effects) when taking the mother's benzodiazepine.


When taking benzodiazepines (Valium ® ), alcohol consumption should be avoided as this may lead to an increase in the effect of the medication, which may even lead to massive respiratory depression. The same may apply to medications that also have a depressant effect on the CNS, and here too, the effect can be massively increased and very dangerous. These include, for example, neuroleptics, antidepressants, anticonvulsants and anesthetics.
Because Valium ® (diazepam) is degraded by certain enzymes of the liver ( cytochrome P450 complex, in short: CYP enzymes ), and there are many other drugs that interact with these enzymes in the form of inhibition ( repression ) or activation ( induction ) It is essential to have a history of medication ( inquiries of all medications the patient is taking ) before prescribing Valium ® (diazepam). If necessary, then either the dose must be adjusted or completely waived on a prescription (Valium ® side effects).

Intoxication / poisoning with Valium

Benzodiazepines (Valium ® ) are often misused for suicide attempts. In case of overdose poisoning symptoms can occur as a side effect, which are expressed primarily in an over-expression of the actual effects.
Only in combination with alcohol or other central depressant substances, a relevant respiratory depression (respiratory arrest) occurs. In case of overdose flumazenil can be administered as antidote ( "antidote" ). Here, however, its short half-life of about one hour must be considered. In order to achieve an adequate antagonization ( inhibitory effect ) of the overdosed benzodiazepine, it must therefore be given at regular intervals until the benzodiazepine is sufficiently eliminated from the body (see Valium ® side effects).

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