Earache - what to do?



What to do if you have earache?

The therapy of earache depends on the triggering disease. In the case of otitis media, analgesics and decongestant nasal drops should be given. Possibly. Even in severe cases antibiotics must be given so that the inflammation can regress.

Any therapy can be supported with homeopathic medicines. For more information, see: Homeopathy for earache.


There are no preventive measures for most earache-causing illnesses. However, it has been found that passive smoking rapidly increases the incidence of middle ear infections. Furthermore, there are studies that see a connection between kindergarten care, low social status, non-breastfeeding as well as the use of pacifiers and the occurrence of middle ear infections. Traumatic injury to the external ear canal can be prevented by avoiding cotton swabs or other sharp objects to clean the ear.


According to the causative factors, the prognosis of earache is different. On average, middle ear infections in children heal without consequences. In some cases, however, it can lead to chronic progression, which may also result from anatomical conditions (too narrow aisles, reduced air circulation). Tympanic membranes pierced by cotton swabs or pointy objects can heal with almost no hassle with slight hearing loss at the ear. The prognosis of malignant diseases depends entirely on the histological type (malignant / benign), on the spread, on involvement of the lymphatic system, and on concomitant factors that worsen the general prognosis.

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