Therapy of a hearing loss


sudden deafness
English: sudden deafness

Therapy of the hearing loss

The nature and necessity of hearing loss therapy have been critically discussed in recent years. Reason was studies, which documented an equally fast healing in patients with and without therapy.

In the past, the sudden loss of hearing was considered an absolute emergency based on the heart attack. Today, a detailed examination and possible treatment should be as timely as possible, but no longer represents an emergency situation. As a first-line therapy, an infusion therapy is still considered and carried out in Germany, which should enable the fastest possible normalization of the blood flow properties again. This form of therapy is supported by the above-mentioned assumption that an acute hearing loss results from a reduced blood flow.

Patients are treated for 8-10 days with circulation-enhancing medications, such as HES ( hydroxyethyl starch ), dextrans or pentoxifylline by infusion. In other countries, a hearing loss therapy by infusion is not performed. Another possibility of the therapy is at times striving for a drainage, since it is assumed that the hearing loss is also caused by a causally caused in the inner ear edema ( water retention ). In this case, it is possible to administer mannitol + acetazolamide over a period of three days. To improve the flow properties of the blood and certain drugs can be given in tablet form. These include: gingko extract, antihypertensive drugs, such as the calcium antagonist nifedipine .
Assuming that the hearing loss is due to an inflammatory event, also anti-inflammatory and immune system modulating substances can be administered both in tablet form and by infusion. Here are mainly drugs from the field of steroids (cortisone) used. Also, anti-inflammatory and blood-thinning measures can be performed in parallel. If the patient additionally suffers from tinnitus, a combination with local anesthetics ( lidocaine, etc. ) is increasingly being used.

Surgical procedures that involve closing small cracks in the oval window are performed in some clinics. Over time, it has been found that the efficacy of many, until now regularly applied therapies for acute hearing loss is controversial.

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