How do I remove the bacon on the inside of the thigh?

Introduction - How to best take off on the inside of the thigh?

Many people would like to lose weight at specific body parts. One of these body parts, which is often referred to in this context, are the inner thighs. In particular, some women perceive slim thighs and especially femoral insides as aesthetic.

It is often tried to achieve this aesthetic ideal through various sports exercises or a certain nutritional concept. But how do you take off the bacon on the inner thighs? Are there special exercises or tricks for slender inner thighs? The following article deals with these and other interesting questions around the topic "How do I remove the bacon on the inner thighs?".

How do I remove the bacon on the inside of the thigh?

A common "problem zone" of many people are the inner thighs. Naturally, they prefer to deposit fat and therefore many people want a targeted weight reduction there.

Even with otherwise slim people, the thigh inside can be more pronounced. This is by no means bad or unaesthetic, but quite natural. Nevertheless, many people want to lose weight there in order to meet a personal ideal of beauty. But how does that work?

In general, a reduction in fat deposits on the inner thighs can be promoted by a general weight loss. This is especially the case in overweight people.

Lean people, however, who have on the inner thigh insides Fettpölsterchen, however, should focus more on targeted sports exercises to tighten the muscles of the inner thighs and reduce fat there. There are different sports exercises.

A very popular exercise is classic squats. These promote the muscles of the thighs and lead to an overall tightening.

Other sports exercises that help to reduce the bacon on the inner thighs are Lunges or Jumping Jacks.

There are many more exercises that help to lose the bacon on the inner thighs. During training you should integrate regular exercises with sufficient repetitions, which specifically promote the thigh muscles.

Furthermore, a healthy diet can help to remove the bacon on the inner thighs. One should pay particular attention to a calorie-reduced diet. Oily or fried foods, high consumption of meat and carbohydrates should be avoided. Fresh and healthy products such as vegetables, fruits, salads and unsweetened teas as well as water are to be preferred.

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Liposuction on the thigh inside

Liposuction, also known as liposuction, is an operation performed by plastic surgeons. These are often referred to as cosmetic surgeons. Liposuction is a medical procedure that involves risks that should be considered in advance.

Anesthesia is necessary for liposuction. In a liposuction on the inside of the thigh, a so-called tumescent solution is first of all injected into the tissue. This solution causes the fat cells quasi dissolve in it and can be sucked out. The suction leads to a loss of fat pads on the inner thighs.

Immediately after the suction there is still a swelling of the tissue due to the procedure. After a few weeks, the final result is visible.

Sucking the fat pads on the inner thighs is of course a way to lose weight there, but it should be considered in detail with regard to their risks. Invasive surgery should only be considered when conservative measures such as exercise and a healthy diet actually do not help.

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Remove with training on the inside of the thigh

Targeted training is essential in order to specifically remove flab from the inner thighs. There are various exercises that promote targeted weight loss in this area. One should focus his training mainly on a streamlining and strengthening of the thigh muscles, if you want to train the inner thighs.

As a basic exercise for squats are particularly suitable. These can be modified to tighten especially the insides. In particular, wide-legged squats with outward pointing toes are good for it.

Another very effective exercise is the leg lifting. This simple exercise can also be done at home. To do this, lie down on your back, preferably on an exercise mat, and lift both legs pressed together. Now make scissor-like movements with both legs so that alternately the left or the right leg is up. This is repeated for 30 seconds at a time.

How can you tighten the upper thigh?

The tightening of the thigh inside succeeds above all through regular training. The training leads to a strengthening of the muscles and a degradation of the layer of fat under the skin, which is also referred to as subcutaneous fat.

In addition, regular massage of the skin and alternating showers with warm and cold water can help tighten the skin.

A sufficient amount of drinking - especially unsweetened tea and water - tighten the skin and lead to smooth and streamlined inner thighs.

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