Therapy / indications / effect

The effect of the chamomile flowers is proven to be anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic and are therefore suitable for wound healing and to relieve gastrointestinal discomfort. Even with badly healing wounds, fungal disease in the anal and genital area, the chamomile is used. In bacterial skin diseases of the oral cavity and the gums, the extracts of chamomile have a healing effect. Furthermore, the use of chamomile is recommended for respiratory and sinusitis for inhalation.

In children, the effect of the internal application of medicinal plant chamomile in convulsive gastrointestinal complaints and colic could be proven by clinical studies.

The ingredients of chamomile are:

  • essential oils with the main component
    • bisabolol
    • Bisabolol oxide A and B
    • flavonoids
    • coumarins
    • mucilage
    • You can also find flavonglycosides.

In order to achieve an optimal effect, the ingredients must be present in large quantities. With a tea one does not achieve the desired dosage. Better are the concentrated extracts of chamomile from the pharmacy. For inflammatory skin diseases on the hands, arms and legs, ointments from camomile extracts with very good effect can be used.

Side effect / interaction

The chamomile belongs to the daisy family. In case of hypersensitivity to daisy family plants as well as arnica, sheep and marigold, one should not use the camomile.
In traces, mainly from the wrong camomile or dog chamomile, the contact allergen anthecotulide may be included. Allergic reactions to the real chamomile are rare.
In the area of ​​the eyes one should not use extracts of the camomile, which can lead to irritation conditions.
Occasionally, side effects such as conjunctivitis, nervous restlessness and dizziness are detected. Continuous use should be avoided.
For acute complaints you should always consult your doctor!

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