Hip pain

Are you looking for the cause of your hip pain or you don't know exactly what is causing your hip pain?
Then let yourself be guided by our diagnostic Hip pain guide and come to the most likely diagnosis.

1. Conservative therapy / treatment of hip dysplasia

A early Therapy one Hip dysplasia can let the pan roof ripen and in adulthood one Hip osteoarthritis prevent.

The conservative therapeutic measures include:

  • Maturation treatment
  • closed reduction (Reinforcement of the hip joint)
  • Fixation

1. The maturation treatment

About a maturation treatment of the Hip dysplasia an attempt is made to increase the growth of the "femoral head" in the acetabulum.dysplastic”To influence pan roofs favorably.
Various aids can be used for this. The spreader pants or the hip flexion splint are often used (e.g. Tübinger rail). This will make that hip joint splayed and strongly bent, whereby the femoral head settles deep into the acetabulum.
This therapy for hip dysplasia is only useful within the first 12 months of life. These procedures are used for dysplasia type 2 a-c.

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Appointment with a hip expert?

I would be happy to advise you!

Who am I?
My name is dr. Nicolas Gumpert. I am a specialist in orthopedics and the founder of .
Various television programs and print media report regularly about my work. On HR television you can see me every 6 weeks live on "Hallo Hessen".
But now enough is indicated ;-)

The hip joint is one of the joints that are exposed to the greatest stress.
The treatment of the hip (e.g. hip arthrosis, hip impingement, etc.) therefore requires a lot of experience.
I treat all hip diseases with a focus on conservative methods.
The aim of any treatment is treatment without surgery.
Which therapy achieves the best results in the long term can only be determined after looking at all of the information (Examination, X-ray, ultrasound, MRI, etc.) be assessed.

You can find me in:

  • Lumedis - your orthopedic surgeon
    Kaiserstrasse 14
    60311 Frankfurt am Main

Directly to the online appointment arrangement
Unfortunately, it is currently only possible to make an appointment with private health insurers. I hope for your understanding!
Further information about myself can be found at Dr. Nicolas Gumpert

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2. The reduction

With a higher grade Hip dysplasia (Type 2d -4) the femoral head must first be brought back into the acetabulum (Reduction). For example, the Bandage according to Pavlik. Fixed in this position by a very strong flexion in the hip joint.

However, all of the methods have in common that the fixed position of the femoral head results in a Circulatory disorder can follow. This can cause parts of the femoral head to die off and permanently affect the function of the hip joint.

3. The fixation

If the reduction result of the hip dysplasia cannot be maintained, fixations come through rails and plaster in question.

The so-called Fat white - plaster of paris. The hip joint is flexed 100 - 110 ° and spread by approx. 45 °. As a rule, this type of plaster is well tolerated by children.

2. operative therapy

Surgical therapeutic measures for hip dysplasia usually only come after the above-mentioned fail conservative therapies to application. Interventions in the area of ​​the acetabulum are often combined with position corrections of the femoral head on the femoral neck.

This involves derotating varicating femoral neck corrections (DVO) with corrections to the pan roof on the pool

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Frequently used hip correction procedures on the pelvis are:

  • the Salter osteotomy
  • the chiaria osteotomy
  • the triple osteotomy

In childhood, due to anatomical conditions, the Salter osteotomy carried out (limit 8th year of life), during beyond the 8th year of life up to adulthood the Triple osteotomy is carried out.

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The aim of all operative measures is to provide a better roof over the femoral head so that the load is distributed over a larger part of the femoral head.

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