Ebrantil® contains the active ingredient uradipil. This is a medicine from the group of so-called antiadrenergic blood pressure lowering agents. Urapidil lowers the systolic and diastolic blood pressure by reducing the peripheral resistance in the vessels.

Uradipil, also in the form of Ebrantil, is only available on prescription and may only be used under medical supervision.

Active strengths and dosage forms

Usually the ingestion takes place Urapidil in the form of Retard cables (Hard capsules) that contain 30mg, 60mg or 90mg Urapidil. The attending physician determines which strength is necessary for the patient in each individual case.

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field of use

Uradipil (Ebrantil®) is becoming Lowering blood pressure by a extension of the Blood vessels applied.


Ebrantil® must not be taken if a Hypersensitivity (Allergic to Urapidil or any of the other ingredients in the capsules are known.

Take special care

If one of the following diseases is present, the use of Ebrantil® is special Attention necessary:

  • Heart failure (Heart failure), with mechanical functional impairment as the cause (e.g. cardiac valve constriction, pulmonary embolism, pericardial disease, restriction of the heart's action)
  • children, since there are no empirical values ​​in the treatment.
  • Liver dysfunction
  • moderate to severe Renal dysfunction
  • elderly patients
  • simultaneous treatment with Cimetidine

The treatment of hypertension requires regular controll by the doctor, so that the examination appointments with the doctor should be strictly adhered to so that the correct setting of the medication and thus ideal protection of the body can be achieved.

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pregnancy and breast feeding period

In the pregnancy may Ebrantil® not be applied since so far no experiences present on humans. The use of Ebrantil is also not indicated during breastfeeding due to the lack of data.

Ability to drive

Especially at the start of treatment, when increasing the dose or changing the preparation and in connection with alcohol at Ebrantil® it can lead to a impairment of Responsiveness and thus participation in active road traffic and the use of heavy machinery. The attending physician should be consulted on a case-by-case basis.


Becomes Ebrantil® at the same time with Alpha Receptor Blockers, other vasodilators or taken with other antihypertensive drugs or is in a condition of Lack of volume (e.g. diarrhea or Vomit) before or will alcohol consumed, it may result in one increased blood pressure lowering by Ebrantil®.

Will be parallel to Ebrantil® cimetidine taken, the urapidil serum level is increased, which is also a Increased effectiveness can cause.

A simultaneous intake with ACE inhibitors is currently not recommended due to a lack of studies.

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Type, duration, dose of application

The retarded hard capsules should mornings and evenings whole with something liquid (for example half a glass of water) can be taken with meals.

How long Ebrantil® should be used, the doctor decides. Usually the treatment with Ebrantil® takes place as Long term therapy.

Unless the doctor prescribes a different dose, the usual dose of In the morning and in the evening a retarded hard capsule Ebrantil® in the prescribed strength.

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Medical measures in case of overdose

By Elevate the legs and Volume substitution (drinking and infusions) an excessive decrease in blood pressure can be relieved. If these measures are not sufficient, you can slowly vasoconstricting preparations given and injected intravenously while monitoring blood pressure. In very rare cases Catecholamines (e.g. Epinephrine) necessary, which is then also done intravenously for faster onset of action.

Side effects

As with all medications, side effects are also possible when taking Ebrantil®.

So far have been observed occasionally Palpitations, acceleration or Slow heartbeat (Tachycardia, Bradycardia), feeling of pressure or chest pain (similar to Angina pectoris).

Often occurred when taking Ebrantil® nausea. Occasionally were too Vomit, diarrhea or Dry mouth reported.

fatigue is also a side effect of Ebrantil®, just like the very rare one Accumulation of fluid in the tissue (Edema).

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When the blood values ​​are examined, an increase in liver-specific enzymes and a decrease in the platelet count can rarely occur while taking ebrantil.

Often, however, is dizziness or Headache occurred while taking Ebrantil®. Occasionally it happens to sleep disorders and, very rarely, to general restlessness, Permanent erection, reinforced Urge to urinate or one increased urinary incontinence. Occasionally are one stuffy nose, allergic phenomena (e.g. reddened skin, rashes, itching). Also one orthostatic dysregulation (Drop in blood pressure when changing position) can occur occasionally.

Measures for side effects

Observes the patient while taking Ebrantil® Side effects he's in context with the drug brings, this is the treating one doctor to be communicated quickly so that they can customize the treatment.

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