The oxygen-containing blood enters the right and left subclavian arteries via the brachiocephalic trunk on the right and directly from the aortic arch on the left.

The subclavian artery merges with the axillary artery, which runs between the lower edge of the collarbone and the anterior axillary fold. Smaller branches emerge to the muscles located there, including the subscapular artery, which divides on the back surface of the shoulder blade and then supplies the shoulder or the humerus head with blood.

From the anterior axillary fold, the axillary artery goes into the Brachial artery above. It runs together with the vein on the inside of the upper arm to the crook of the elbow, where it divides into the stronger one Ulnar artery and the weaker one Radial artery on. In the course, the brachial artery gives the Arteria profunda brachii from which the Triceps provided. The Superior ulnar collateral artery and inferior also emerge from the brachial artery and supply it Elbow joint.

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In the area of ​​the elbow it goes Radial artery from the Interosseous artery communis. The vessel pulls on the side of the spoke (radius) between the muscles and to the carpal bones and finally forms the deep palm arch (Arcus palmaris profundus). During its course, the radial artery gives branches to the thumb, to the vascular network of the Carpal bones, the back of the hand and the index finger.

The Ulnar artery also arises in the area of ​​the elbow from the Brachial artery. It runs on the side of the spoke (Ulna) between the flexor muscles of the Forearm. On the palm of the hand it forms the superficial hollow arch (Arcus palmaris superficialis). In doing so, it gives a declining branch to the Elbow joint (Ulnar recurrent artery) from. Further branches lead to the carpal bones, the Arterial network Both on the palm of the hand and the back of the hand, a deep branch to the little finger and other small branches that run along the fingers.

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It will be the deep and the superficial Differentiated veins.

  • The superficial Veins lie just under the skin and are part of it visible. You will be happy to Blood collection used.
  • The deep Veins usually run together with the arteries and have the same name.

Both Venous systems to have Valvesto get the blood flow direction heart to enable and stand through Connecting veins in connection with each other.
On the back of the hand lies the superficial network of veins (Rete venosum dorsale manus).
From here the blood gets into that ulnar side lying Vena basilica and the radial side lying Cephalic vein directed.

  • The Vena basilica begins on the ulnar side on the back of the hand and ends in the area of ​​the elbow Brachial vein.
  • The Cephalic vein originates on the back of the thumb and then runs more on the radial side forearm and upper arm and ends in the Axillary vein.

In the crook of the elbow is also the Vena mediana cubiticonnecting the cephalic vein and the basilic vein. The deep veins are paired created and accompany the homonymous arteries.

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The deep vein network starts in the Palm as Arcus palmaris profundus et superficialis. From there the blood continues to flow over the Radial vein and ulnaris to the crook of the elbow. Here they go to Brachial vein over which then into the Axillary vein drained.
Below the Collarbone The subclavian vein runs again, which then passes the blood over the vein angle Brachiocephalic vein in the big one Vena cava superior drained on the heart.

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