Coffee effectively heats up the metabolism because the caffeine contained in coffee stimulates the central nervous system. Caffeine also increases fat burning, in which the fat from food is broken down as well as body fat.

The active ingredient also increases heat production and blood pressure, the entire metabolism is boosted. Coffee alone does not shed the pounds, but when combined well it can promote weight loss.

Green coffee - what is it?

Green coffee refers to the unroasted coffee beans.
So it's not drinkable coffee as we know it, but purely unroasted beans. For a few years now, the extract from green coffee beans has been considered an absolute fat burner in the USA and Germany with which one supposedly loses half a kilo of body weight in a week. Green coffee is given as an extract in capsule or powder form and serves as a dietary supplement.

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A healthy, reduced-calorie diet and exercise are necessary for maximum weight loss success.

Chlorogenic acid, which is lost when coffee is roasted, but is contained in green, unroasted beans, is responsible for the effect on the metabolism.
In high concentrations, chlorogenic acid inhibits certain enzymes that absorb and process sugar and fat in the body. This has a positive effect on the blood sugar level and blood lipids, after eating less fat is stored in the unloved love handles.

Fat killer coffee

How does weight loss with coffee work? The valuable substance caffeine from coffee actually promotes lipolysis, the release of individual fatty acids from the fat deposits. This process promotes weight loss on a cellular level. In order to noticeably reduce fat deposits, it is helpful to combine the use of coffee in a targeted manner.Fat burning is particularly effective when we combine caffeine with exercise.
For example, a cup of espresso before a workout is popular. Many experts say that coffee and exercise greatly increase metabolism and increase weight loss.

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Another aspect that coffee can help you lose weight is food cravings. Many diets are broken off because of this and it is not uncommon for a yo-yo effect to occur. Black coffee has virtually no calories and is stomach-filling.
If you have an appetite between meals, having a cup of coffee can reduce cravings and destroy your appetite for unhealthy snacks. However, the coffee should be drunk black without sugar, syrup, cream or a lot of milk as with the beloved latte macchiato.

The process of losing weight with coffee

To lose weight with green coffee, you can use coffee capsules or coffee powder. You can also drink green coffee tea, but this is often perceived as sour and less tasty. All of these dietary supplements contain the valuable extract of green coffee beans.

The capsules are particularly easy to dose. You know exactly how many mg of chlorogenic acid are taken in one capsule. The products are available cheaply in all drugstores, pharmacies and on the Internet. For the best possible effect, 200-300 mg of chlorogenic acid should be taken about 20 minutes before a meal with water. Capsules with 50% chlorogenic acid content are particularly suitable for this.
It is recommended to take the capsules three times a day. At the same time, meals on this diet should be appropriately balanced, low in calories and low in fat.

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Sport boosts the metabolism enormously and can be combined with a cup of roasted black coffee before training to break down fat even more effectively.

How much can I lose weight with coffee?

It is said that green coffee, a healthy, low-calorie diet, and exercise can shed half a kilo per week. The success of weight loss depends heavily on the meals.
The coffee capsules actively stimulate the metabolism, but need low-calorie and low-fat food to melt the fat deposits. If you eat very few, mostly low-fat, low-carbohydrate foods during this diet, exercise, drink a lot of water and occasionally black coffee, you can lose significantly more than half a kilo. The success of losing weight therefore depends on the intake of the capsules, the type of meals and the personal exercise program.

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Side effects

It has been known since the 1980s that consuming large amounts of coffee increases the level of homocysteine ​​in the blood. Homocysteine ​​is an amino acid that is considered a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases such as thrombosis. Caffeine and chlorogenic acid are both substances that increase the concentration of this amino acid.
Basically, the roast coffee we drink and the extract of green coffee have the same side effects.
However, the amount of caffeine in green coffee is less than in a cup of roast coffee.

Side effects can be insomnia, headaches, nervousness or gastrointestinal complaints with large amounts of caffeine. If caffeine is regularly consumed in high amounts over a long period of time, one can develop caffeine addiction, which causes withdrawal symptoms if coffee is omitted.

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In extremely rare cases, an overdose of caffeine, i.e. an amount of 1 gram or more, can greatly increase the pulse rate and even cause extrasystoles (a heartbeat outside the normal heart rate) in the heart.

Criticism of coffee for weight loss

The fat burner effect of chlorogenic acid has been examined in various scientific studies and the weight-reducing effect has been demonstrated with positive changes in diet and exercise.
However, you have to be careful, because the capsule made of green coffee alone or the cup of coffee between meals alone do not lead to the desired effect. Only when combined with behavioral changes do the pounds drop.

The weight-reducing effect of these dietary supplements is only effective if the diet is changed to a healthy and balanced diet and, especially at the beginning of the diet, fewer calories are consumed with the food.
Sports should also be exercised in order to effectively boost the metabolism.

The media often makes the products look like they are melting the fat on their own, which unfortunately is not right.

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What are the risks of coffee for weight loss?

Green coffee extract is generally considered to be very well tolerated.
If you have a sensitive stomach, you should first test with 1–2 capsules a day whether the choloric acid irritates the stomach. This is similar to black coffee, which can cause stomach irritation in sensitive people.

An overdose can have negative effects on sleep behavior and the cardiovascular system and cause headaches.

Medical evaluation of the diet by

Losing weight with coffee is basically a diet that depends on your own discipline and personal goals.
You decide individually what to eat and how much sport to do. This means that particularly motivated and disciplined people can work effectively on their desired weight with the help of the capsules.

Depending on the diet and training, you can therefore specifically let the excess pounds melt away. The capsules are usually well tolerated and harmless, provided they are not overdosed. Losing weight with coffee is a healthy way to lose weight over a long period of time and is therefore also suitable for combating obesity.

It is important with this diet that the capsules alone do not guarantee success. In order to actually lose fat, it is imperative that you change your diet and exercise. In this way you can work healthily on your desired weight and continue the diet for weeks to months.
To avoid a yo-yo effect, when you reach your target weight after the end of the diet, you should maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

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What alternative diets are there?

Losing weight with coffee is a gentle way to reduce weight in the long term.

The low-carb diet can be carried out for just as long. Here, carbohydrates are removed from the menu and largely replaced by protein. The aim is for the body to break down the ingested protein, maintain its muscles and break down sugar from fat reserves.
A well-known example of this is the low-carbohydrate Atkins diet, which is preceded by a phase program and a strict menu.

If you want to lose more weight faster, mono diets are often tried, but they often have a yo-yo effect. Examples of this are the fruit diet, the vegetable diet or the cabbage soup diet.

The Strunz diet, which also consists of phases in which different foods are allowed, is ideal for athletes and people who want to lose weight quickly. A disciplined exercise program is also part of this diet.

Numerous probiotic yoghurts are an addition to a balanced diet. Is the Danon product Actimel® helpful in losing weight? Read about this under: Actimel®

Regardless of which diet you choose to lose weight, you should pay attention to your starting position. People who have not done much sport should start training slowly and gradually increase.
In addition, it is advisable to gradually increase the calories after the end of the diet and to stick to a healthy and balanced diet over the long term. This helps to prevent the yo-yo effect and ultimately to keep the hard-won target weight.

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What is the cost of coffee for weight loss?

The cost of this diet depends on the type of green coffee capsules. These are available in drugstores, pharmacies and on the Internet and cost on average between 25 cents to 1.50 € per capsule. The product price depends on the brand and any added vitamins.

If you use cheap capsules, you can assume about 23 € for the capsules per month, provided you take one capsule before each main meal.
In addition to the cost of food supplements, the cost of fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, etc. is added to this diet. Healthy and fresh foods are more expensive than ready-made products, but they are clearly healthier for your body and ideal for losing weight.

Overall, the costs for losing weight with green coffee are moderate.

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