left the Orthopedicum Frankfurt on June 30th, 2019.
You can find it since 07/01/19 at

Lumedis - orthopedic surgeons
Kaiserstrasse 14
60311 Frankfurt am Main

Who and what is Lumedis?

The Lumedis - orthopedic surgeon is a modern group practice for orthopedics (private practice) in downtown Frankfurt.
The focus is on the conservative therapy of spinal diseases and diseases of the joints caused by wear (osteoarthritis).
Particular attention is paid to looking after performance-oriented and professional athletes.


The aim of Lumedis is a comprehensive treatment of the existing disease that takes into account all aspects of disease development.
In the first step, the diagnosis is in the foreground.
In addition to the practice's own X-ray system, there is also the option of performing radiology MRIs and CT examinations in the immediate vicinity.
Once the diagnosis has been made, a treatment plan is drawn up that takes into account the various aspects of the disease, the psyche, social and occupational stress factors.
Long-term freedom from symptoms can only be achieved through comprehensive treatment.

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Forms of therapy

Below you will find an overview of some of the therapy methods that Orthopedicum Frankfurt offers as services:

  • General orthopedic treatment
  • Spinal therapy
  • computed tomography-assisted therapy methods (periradicular therapy (PRT) / facet infiltration)
  • acupuncture
  • Chiropractic
  • Sports medicine / sports medicine consultations
  • Running analysis
  • Laser therapy
  • Shock wave therapy
  • 3D / 4 D - spine measurement
  • Cartilage therapy
  • Infusion therapy (osteoarthritis, stimulation of the immune system, detoxification cures ......)
  • Electromyography
  • Force measurements

Spinal therapy

The therapy of the diseased spine is one of the most difficult tasks in orthopedics.

Lumedis has developed special therapy procedures in order to achieve complete freedom from symptoms as far as possible.
In addition to classic orthopedic treatments, such as infiltration (syringes), infusions and massages are used. Alternative methods such as homeopathy and traditional Chinese approaches (acupuncture) also offer helpful support.
But also state-of-the-art therapy methods such as computer tomography-assisted syringes (facet infiltration / periradicular therapy) can lead to success in individual cases.

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Which therapy methods are used in each individual case must be decided together with the patient based on the examination findings and imaging (X-ray and MRI).

Osteoarthritis therapy

Osteoarthritis therapy is an increasingly important area of ​​responsibility.
Due to increasing life expectancy and changes in leisure time behavior, the proportion of osteoarthritis patients is constantly increasing.
Arthrosis, i.e. joint wear and tear, leads to a significant loss of quality of life due to pain and restricted mobility.
The aim of the Lumedis is to reduce these restrictions to a minimum.
Here too, Lumedis has developed special therapy methods in order to achieve the best possible result.
Possible therapy methods are injections directly into the knee joint to improve

  • cartilage
  • Mucous membrane,
    but also
  • special infusions,
    Acupuncture procedure
  • Running analysis, EMG
  • Force measurements

can significantly improve the symptoms.

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