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Stomach pain, abdominal pain


Stomach cramping itself is a disease but the result of another present Disorder. Stomach cramps are a sudden onset of pain in the Epigastric regionwhich often occurs several times in quick succession. In some cases the pain even radiates into the back or chest, but then usually subsides on its own after a few seconds. Sometimes the stomach pain at the same time from other symptoms such as diarrhea, Vomit or Flatulence accompanied.

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Stomach discomfort can take different forms. The symptoms of classic stomach cramps are strong, burning, changing in intensity, stomach pain (see also: Burning in the stomach).

In most cases, the symptoms of stomach cramps occur suddenly and for no apparent reason. Some patients also describe stomach cramps that start easily and become increasingly intense. As quickly as they begin, the symptoms of stomach pain can subside completely in no time. While stomach cramps usually only have about one in most patients short However, in individual cases the symptoms can last for several days.

Other symptoms related to stomachcramps are to be observed nausea and Vomit. In addition, many of those affected suffer from severe belching and / or at the same time diarrhea. The symptoms accompanying stomach cramps in particular can provide important clues about the underlying disease. If a fever occurs in addition to the stomach problems, it can usually be from a viral infection or the presence of inflammatory processes in the gastrointestinal tract can be assumed. The symptoms of diarrhea and vomiting also suggest the presence of an infection.

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Another important one symptom the stomachcrampswhich can indicate the possible cause is the exact one localization of complaints. Most people associate stomach cramps with this Upper abdomen left to the middle of the stomach. However, stomach cramps can also be felt a little deeper or a Charisma in other regions. Since the cause of stomach cramps is not always to be found in the stomach area, attention should be paid to other rather unspecific symptoms.

General information about abdominal cramps can be found at: Cramps in the abdomen

Heart problems too (Myocardial infarction, Coronary heart disease and similar diseases) can be perceived as apparent stomach cramps. If there is a cardiac cause, most patients have additional symptoms. Typical symptoms include pain in the left shoulder and / or the left one upper arm. Furthermore (especially with women) additional pain in the neck and / or jaw area can occur.

Mentally conditional stomach pain can usually only be diagnosed as such by considering the additional symptoms. The affected patients report in most cases of increased stress, strong emotions or Anxiety.

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Stomach cramps can have a number of different causes. In general, a distinction is made between physical (physical) and psychological causes in the presence of stomach cramps.

Although many irregularities at the organ level can lead to discomfort in the abdomen, psychological problems are now the main cause of stomach cramps. Many people react to strong emotions, such as fear or stress, with gastrointestinal symptoms. In addition to the classic stomach cramps, these people often experience diarrhea or vomiting. This fact poses a problem for both the patient and the medical diagnosis and therapy.

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In the area of ​​physical (physical) causes of stomach cramps, the possible cause can be found directly at the level of the stomach or in completely different organ systems. The reason for this is the fact that the individual organs in the abdomen are very close together. For this reason, real stomach cramps cannot always be differentiated from general abdominal pain. The radiation of the stomach cramps perceived by the patient can also make it difficult to identify the symptoms precisely. For this reason, in the event of avoidable stomach cramps, all organs of the abdominal cavity must be examined and appropriate diseases considered.

The most common physical causes of stomach cramps include stomach upset, gastrointestinal infections, inflammatory processes in the area of ​​the gastric mucosa (gastric mucosal inflammation; gastritis) and ulcer disease.

Malignant abnormalities in the stomach area can also be one of the causes of stomach cramps. Furthermore, diseases and functional limitations of the liver can often lead to severe stomach cramps. Appendicitis can also start out as stomach cramps. In this condition, however, the pain migrates to the right lower abdomen after about three to four hours. In addition, the presence of inflammation of the pancreas (Pancreatitis) are listed as the cause of stomach cramps. Other causes of stomach cramps are food poisoning and what is known as irritable bowel syndrome. In addition, gallstones or kidney stones can cause severe stomach cramps.

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Concomitant symptoms

Stomach cramps and diarrhea

Stomach cramps are not infrequently associated with diarrhea. If stomach cramps and diarrhea are the main symptoms, there are various possible causes. In the majority of cases it is the classic viral one Abdominal influenza. Various viruses such as adeno or corona viruses cause unspecific symptoms such as stomach cramps and diarrhea that do not require any special therapy.
Help it bed rest, salty food, drink a lot and maybe stomach soothing tea. Medication can also be used against the diarrhea Loperamide (Imodium®) be treated.

Particularly severe stomach cramps with violent diarrhea and vomiting are avoided Rota and noroviruses evoked. In-patient treatment may be required here to avoid the infection of other people and to prevent dehydration. Especially old people are thereby at risk.
Also one Food poisoning or Food intolerance can cause stomach cramps and diarrhea.
Has been infected with lately Antibiotics treated, it may be an antibiotic-induced diarrhea with stomach cramps.

Rarely can a chronic disease like Crohn's disease behind it. If the symptoms persist for a long time, a doctor should be consulted.

Stomach cramps and nausea

Stomach cramps and nausea often appear together. There can be a variety of causes mentioned above. Especially viral infections lead to nausea that accompanies the stomach cramps. It then comes to gushing vomitingthat lasts for hours. In some cases, the person is unable to hold a sip of water.
You can do the same Food be responsible for stomach cramps and nausea. Then there are complaints, especially after eating. The body tries to remove the toxic substances through stomach cramps and nausea. Thus, it comes after eating spoiled food often vomiting. The symptoms should be here after a few days at the latest to have disappeared.

Inflammation of the lining of the stomach are also possible causes of stomach cramps and nausea. The diagnosis is made here by a gastroscopy.
Especially with women of childbearing age, stomach cramps and nausea must always be considered pregnancy think. Symptoms of this kind occur especially at the beginning of pregnancy.

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The drug can be used against nausea Vomex® help, which effectively combats vomiting and nausea.

Stomach cramps and gas

Stomach cramps and gas are usually due to one Digestive problem conditionally. Inflammation in the stomach itself rarely causes stomach cramps and gas. Lactose and fructose intolerance typically cause gas.
Stomach cramps and bloating can also be a result of persistent, poor diet occur. Flatulence, which occurs in addition to stomach cramps, requires treatment only in rare cases.

When do the stomach cramps occur?

Stomach cramps after eating

If stomach cramps occur after eating, there are two main causes. For one, it can be a Food intolerance act. Second, spoiled food can cause a Food poisoning have taken care of.
A food intolerance means that the body cannot digest certain substances. This can lead to cramps and pain. They are often responsible for stomach cramps after eating Fructose intolerance and Lactose intolerance. After eating Dairy products intestinal and stomach cramps occur. Join in Flatulence and maybe diarrhea. Avoiding these foods helps.
If you experience symptoms immediately after eating, spoiled food can also be the cause. Especially expired meat or fish products can be accompanied by violent stomach cramps nausea cause.

Additionally, stomach cramps after eating can be caused by a Inflammation of the stomach lining or a Gastric ulcer be conditional. Symptoms here are heartburn and a sharp pain. If in doubt, these clinical pictures should be ruled out by a doctor.

Stomach cramps during pregnancy

Stomach cramps are often an expression of a disease. In many cases, however, they also occur during pregnancy and are then usually harmless. Almost every woman suffers from stomach cramps during pregnancy, especially at the beginning and towards the end.
First of all, the Hormonal changes stomach cramps during pregnancy, sometimes with nausea and Vomit accompanied. Sometimes that is stomach cramps first signs of pregnancy. There are mostly anti-nausea drugs such as Vomex® and bed rest.

In the further course, problems with the gastrointestinal tract arise mainly from that Growth of the child in the belly. In the late weeks of pregnancy, the unborn child puts pressure on the organs. This can sometimes lead to stomach cramps. Here it helps to change the situation. Above all, the baby is pushing laying on the stomach.

In addition to these causes, stomach cramps can also occur during pregnancy as in non-pregnant women Viruses or Other diseases be conditional. If there are further symptoms or if the stomach cramps last for a long time, a doctor should be consulted.
The problem with this is that gynecological problems related to pregnancy may also cause stomach cramps. However, stomach cramps during pregnancy are usually harmless.

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Since the causes for the creation of Stomach cramps can be so diverse, special emphasis should be placed on the exact diagnosis of the underlying disease.

The first and most important step in the diagnosis of stomach cramps is the detailed one Doctor-patient conversation (short: anamnese). During this conversation the patient should discuss his own symptoms as precisely as possible. Both the localization the pain, as well as the simultaneous occurrence of diarrhea and or Vomit can be critical to diagnosis.

This is followed by a diagnosis of stomach cramps examination of the abdomen. During this physical exam, all four quadrants of the abdomen are monitored. This measure is used to assess the Bowel movement. The abdominal cavity is then examined superficially for tenderness and possible resistance. In order to rule out possible organ diseases, every organ is recorded during the physical examination. Both the size of the liver, as well as the scope of the spleen can be assessed by finding the organ borders accordingly.
In addition, if the presence of a Appendicitis various special pressure points visited. That too Kidney camp and the Gallbladder should be examined for pain during the diagnosis of stomach cramps.

The diagnosis also includes Blood draw and various Laboratory tests on. Important parameters in the diagnosis of stomach cramps are:

  • Signs of inflammation (white blood cells and CRP),
  • Liver values
  • various pancreatic enzymes
  • Kidney values.

Deviations in the blood count or the organ-specific blood values ​​can be an indication of the cause of the Stomach cramps give.

Another important measure in the diagnosis of stomach cramps is having one Ultrasound examination. For example, changes in the area of ​​the liver, of the Kidneys, of the pancreas and the gallbladder. In addition, a severely inflamed appendix can also be shown in the ultrasound. An investigation into the Chair may indicate possible bleeding in the area of ​​the lower Gastrointestinal tract give.

The upper part of the gastrointestinal tract can be visualized by an endoscopic examination. During this Gastroscopy pathological changes can be mapped and a diagnosis at gastric level can be confirmed. If the findings are suspicious, you can still do the gastroscopy Tissue samples can be removed.

Therapy - what helps?

The therapy from Stomach cramps depends largely on the underlying cause. Besides the conventional medical Therapy can be different Home remedies or homeopathic Substances are applied.

After inflammatory causes for the development of stomach cramps have been ruled out, therapy can be administered externally warmth respectively. As a rule, hot water bottles are suitable for relieving slight stomach cramps and restoring the well-being of the person concerned. In addition, therapy for stomach cramps can be achieved by drinking Camomiles- and or Mint tea respectively.

Patients who experience stomach cramps on a regular basis should try the sensitive one Gastric mucosa to protect in the long term. For this purpose, stomach cramps can be treated by taking sea buckthorn oil, caraway, fennel, ginger or coriander. These substances are simple ones Home remedies which have a calming effect on the gastric mucosa and help the symptoms to subside quickly.

Bacterial Infections that lead to stomach cramps usually have to be caused by taking one Antibiotic be treated. In the treatment of infection-related stomach cramps, an antibiotic should also be used Proton pump inhibitors be taken. In this way, acid production in the stomach can be inhibited. The irritated gastric mucous membrane can be freed from the bacterial colonization and at the same time recover. Should be given to the affected patient during diagnosis Gastric ulcer are proven, the therapy of stomach cramps is somewhat more extensive. In these patients, too, therapy using antibiotics and proton pump inhibitors is initiated first. This Combination therapy However, in most cases it is not sufficient to relieve stomach cramps in the long term. Most patients suffering from gastric ulcer have to be covered with an acid blocker for a long time. Also one Nutritional supplement is often useful for this type of stomach cramps. In the case of stomach cramps that are triggered by a degeneration (tumor) in the area of ​​the stomach, in most cases one occurs surgical therapy.

Home remedies for stomach cramps

Stomach cramps affect almost everyone every now and then. Often, simple home remedies can bring significant symptom relief. Stomach cramps tend to respond well to warmth. Warm envelopes or one Hot water bottle help calm and relax the stomach. The muscles are loosened and the blood circulation stimulated.
Another home remedy is tea to recommend. Especially varieties like chamomile, peppermint or Anise-caraway-fennel have soothing properties and help relieve stomach cramps. You can drink several cups of tea throughout the day. It shouldn't be too hot.

Antispasmodic properties are also used in home remedies gentian awarded. One can take gentian against stomach cramps in the form of drops and also tea. Furthermore can light massages as a home remedy for stomach cramps. In some cases, however, they make symptoms worse.
In addition, of course, it is important to small meals to consume and avoid substances irritating to the stomach. Coffee, alcohol, and nicotine should be avoided if there are stomach cramps.

The home remedies mentioned above help with most of the symptoms. However, if there is no improvement or if the symptoms persist for days, the cause must be clarified by a doctor. In this way, serious illnesses are recognized and treated or excluded.

Medicines for stomach cramps

If the symptoms persist or if therapy is necessary because of an underlying disease, there are a number of effective medicines for stomach cramps. To solve the stomach cramps is suitable Buscopan®. It has a relaxing effect on the muscles and can break through cramps. Additionally works Novalgin® against severe pain.
Herbal medicines are e.g. Iberogast® and preparations with chamomile and fennel to disposal. Depending on the cause, specific drugs against stomach cramps are used. For example, inhibits Pantoprazole acid formation and antibiotics are given in bacteria-induced inflammation. In the case of food intolerance, the missing enzymes can be used Tablets be replaced.

What to eat for stomach cramps?

People who are plagued by stomach cramps usually ask themselves: "Eat something?“In theory, anything can be eaten that does not cause or aggravate stomach cramps. As a rule, some foods are better suited to this than others. Of course it has to refrains from intolerable food become.
The best way to relax your stomach is probably to avoid eating. Therefore one can initially for fast for a few hoursuntil the stomach cramps get better. If you want to eat something, are small, pulpy and mild meals preferable to other food. Especially acidic or spicy foods can cause stomach cramps. Especially warm soups or Mashed potatoes are, however, good. The stomach doesn't have to do a lot of digestive work here. The heat can also help relieve stomach cramps.
Likewise is yogurt a good alternative for stomach cramps. Natural yoghurt without added sugar makes sense. It is easy to digest, healthy and, with its probiotic properties, helps to maintain a balanced gastrointestinal flora. Are suitable for drinking Chamomile and mint tea.
You should open for breakfast Avoid muesli mixes with lots of nuts. Alternatively, they are suitable oatmeal with plenty of low-fat milk or water is a good way to start the day. Luxury foods, fatty foods and flatulent foods such as beans should not be on the menu for the time of stomach cramps.


Stomach cramps is very difficult to prevent. In general, it can be said that one should be careful to eat non-irritating food as much as possible (that means no food that is too fatty, no too hot or too cold meals or drinks, no or only little coffee and alcohol) and not to strain the stomach unnecessarily, for example by Smoke or stress. It is best to eat your food at fixed times and make sure you chew it sufficiently. The proverbs "That hits my stomach"Or"I have to digest that first“Not by chance: Stress and psychological problems often manifest themselves first in the stomach area and should therefore be avoided by people with sensitive stomachs.

If specific foods or ingredients are known, the one allergy or trigger an intolerance, these should of course be removed from the menu as far as possible.

You should also be careful not to be overly generous with pain pills, as these can cause various diseases that lead to stomach cramps. Of course, this can be a vicious circle if you take pain relievers because of severe stomach pain and it can only make the problem worse. Therefore, it is always better to see a doctor too early than too late!


The prognosis for stomach cramps naturally depends on the disease that caused the stomach cramp. Appropriate therapy for the underlying disease or the reduction of stress and conflict situations usually make those affected completely symptom-free again, although a predisposition to suffer a stomach cramp again as soon as the respective triggering factors reappear naturally remains.


The list of diseases that come with Stomach cramps can go hand in hand is almost infinitely long and ranges from completely harmless to acutely life-threatening. Stomach cramps can be based on the Strength, Duration and frequency As a rule, however, assess the pain yourself well as how bad the symptoms are and should then, if the symptoms persist or in case of doubt, to be on the safe side doctor seek out.

After appropriate investigations, this becomes a preliminary suspicion with a coordinated therapy the stomach cramps come. There is no standard therapy for treating gastric cramps, it always depends on its origin. However, if the underlying disease is successfully treated, the problem with stomach cramps will also be over.

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