In the case of bad breath that originates in the oral cavity, cleaning up the dentition is an option. In order to be able to eliminate bad breath, oral hygiene must be intensified and the prosthetic work, as well as the interdental spaces, must be kept free of food residues and dental plaque.

In the case of causes far from the mouth, it is the task of the specialist or family doctor to identify and treat the diseases. With consistent implementation of these measures, anyone can eliminate bad breath. Everyone is responsible for their own consumption of food and luxury foods.

What can be done against bad breath?

In general, bad breath caused by systemic causes is more difficult to get rid of than that caused by local factors. The most important tip in this context is probably the self-assessment of your own oral hygiene, in which, however, not just the quantity (frequency), but above all the quality (care) is important.

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To get rid of bad breath, teeth should ideally be brushed before bed, after breakfast and after lunch. At least once a day, the spaces between the teeth should also be completely freed from food residues and dental plaque. The use of interdental brushes or dental floss is recommended for this purpose.

Since countless bacteria can settle on the back of the tongue, which can cause bad breath, another tip is to clean the back of the tongue at least once a day to remove the tongue coating.

Furthermore, the use of special mouthwash solutions is a tip for the long-term elimination of bad breath. These solutions should be used 2-3 times in a row and left in the oral cavity for at least 30 seconds. On the one hand, most mouth rinsing solutions contain active ingredients that reduce the number of bacteria within the oral cavity, and on the other hand they ensure better moistening of the oral mucosa. Since the development of bad breath is in many cases the result of drying out of the oral mucosa, mouth rinsing solutions can, with regular use, help to effectively eliminate bad odors.

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It is also helpful to chew chewing gum, for example, which on the one hand freshen the breath for a short time and on the other, by stimulating the salivary glands, contribute to moistening the mucous membranes.

People who frequently suffer from bad breath should avoid strong smelling foods as much as possible. In particular, the ingredients contained in garlic and onions stimulate the formation of malodorous gases and thus promote the development of bad breath. In order to eliminate bad breath in the long term, foods that contain a lot of garlic or onions should therefore not be eaten.

Some of the most common tips used in treating bad breath include special mouthwash solutions containing xylitol powder. This powder robs a certain bacterium (Staphyloccocus mutans) of vital nutrients and starves the bacterium to a certain extent. In this way, improved oral flora ensures that bad breath can be eliminated. Bad breath does not usually return with regular use of the xylitol powder.

Mouthwash or the sucking of menthol-flavored candy or the use of chewing gum merely cover up the bad breath, but in no way eliminate the causes of bad breath. This also applies to coated tablets that contain chlorophyll. If you smell garlic, chewing parsley or drinking milk is recommended, both of which are dubious for serious elimination.

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Home remedies for bad breath

Bad breath can often be relieved by using home remedies. Certain herbs, vegetables and fruits are particularly suitable to prevent bad breath smells.

  • Ginger, which is cut into thin slices and placed on the back of the tongue, ensures fresh breath after a few minutes.
  • In addition, chewing a few parsley leaves is said to help eliminate bad breath. The reason for this is the apiol contained in parsley. Another tip against bad breath is lemon juice that should be dripped onto the tongue or drunk with a sip of mineral water.
  • Basically, those affected are advised to consume black tea frequently, the ingredients of which (especially so-called polyphenols) have an inhibiting effect on bacterial growth in the oral cavity. This also reduces the concentration of the metabolic end products of these pathogens.
  • In addition, regular mouthwashes with sage tea are considered suitable for eliminating bad breath.

You can find more about this at: Home remedies for bad breath

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Further therapy

The treatment of bad breath should primarily be based on the cause of its development. Basically, those affected are advised to consume black tea frequently, as its ingredients (especially so-called polyphenols) have an inhibiting effect on bacterial growth in the oral cavity.

This also reduces the concentration of metabolic end products (Excretions) these pathogens, which not only lead to the development of bad breath but also to the formation of carious defects and / or inflammatory processes. Black tea has two positive effects on oral hygiene and dental health.

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In addition, regular mouthwashes with sage tea will help combat bad breath. A special mouth rinse with xylitol powder is used particularly frequently in bad breath therapy. This powder robs a certain bacterium (Staphyloccocus mutans) vital nutrients, it starves the bacterium to a certain extent and in this way ensures a good oral flora.

Bad breath usually does not return with regular use of xylitol powder. In extreme cases, treatment with a dilute hydrogen peroxide solution can be used. A tablespoon of the hydrogen peroxide is diluted in about a glass of water for this purpose and then used for gargling.
This solution should also be used 2-3 times in a row for at least 30 seconds each time.

If the cause of the bad breath is within the oral cavity, a visit to a dentist is recommended. With relatively simple means, he can pinpoint exactly where the bad smells come from. In many patients, carious defects have to be removed and a tooth filling has to be carried out to eliminate bad breath.

Other affected people suffer from inflammatory processes in the area of ​​the gums (lat. Gingivitis) and / or the tooth support system (lat. Periodontitis). These patients can be helped by a more or less extensive professional tooth cleaning. In advanced processes, a so-called open or closed curettage may be necessary.

Can you permanently eliminate bad breath?

In order to permanently eliminate bad breath, the cause of it must be found and eliminated. However, since the reasons for an unpleasant smell from the mouth are very numerous, an expert should be consulted here. Home remedies only help with a permanent solution if they are used specifically against the known problem.

The cause can not only lie in the oral cavity, but also in the throat or even in the stomach. Examples of this are: periodontitis, tooth decay, tonsillitis or diverticulum (protuberance in the esophagus in which chyme becomes stuck and is digested in the wrong place).

Fight bad breath according to the specific cause

Bad breath from garlic

The consumption of raw garlic in particular triggers a strong bad breath that lasts for hours in many people. This is due to the fragrances contained in garlic, which still rise from the stomach into the oral cavity after brushing the teeth. But bad breath caused by garlic can also be eliminated by following various tips. Probably the most widely used remedy for garlic-associated bad breath is milk. Immediately after consuming garlic-containing foods, drinking a glass of milk can work wonders. The reason for this is the fact that the fat molecules in milk are able to directly bind the odorous substances in garlic. A rising of bad smells from the stomach is almost impossible.

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In addition, chewing fresh parsley leaves can also help with bad-smelling breath caused by eating garlic. Just chewing a few leaves helps to effectively eliminate bad breath. Many sufferers also swear by the bad breath-eliminating effect of fresh bread that the fragrances of garlic should also bind. To prevent bad breath from developing from the outset, ginger can be used for cooking in addition to garlic. In this way, the strong note is neutralized when preparing the meal without disturbing the garlic taste. In addition, chewing ginger after eating can also help eliminate bad breath.

Bad breath of alcohol

Almost everyone knows the ubiquitous "alcohol flag" after an exuberant evening with friends. Despite brushing your teeth, you wake up the next morning with a very unpleasant breath, which can be improved, even almost neutralized, with a few tips. Since oral hygiene was often neglected the evening before, it should be made up for. Thoroughly cleaning your teeth and tongue with dental floss, toothpaste and toothbrush are a good way to start on the path to fresh breath.

A mouthwash should also be used, which refreshes the entire breath. For on the go there are lozenges in the pharmacy, which mask the smell better than candy. Peppermint chewing gum can also help in this situation, so that the environment does not notice anything from last night.

Bad breath from smoking

Smoking very often results in a very unpleasant bad breath. At the beginning it is only about the prominent smoke smell, which settles in the oral cavity. Here it is possible to neutralize the odor with various aids. In addition to brushing your teeth, chewing gum helps very well.

However, for long-term smokers who smoke several cigarettes a day, these aids can often only have very little effect. Here, the smell is usually a disease of the tooth bed. Due to the permanent irritation of the oral cavity, bacteria that cause periodontal disease can multiply more easily. If the disease manifests itself, an unpleasant odor forms, which can only be removed again by dental treatment. The dentist also calls this "periodontal odor".

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