The phlogenzyme is a commercially available preparation that comes in two different forms. Phlogenzym mono consists of only one component and Phlogenzym aktiv consists of several components. It is a dietary supplement that supports the human body in various tasks. Phlogenzym does not require a prescription and is available without a prescription, but only in pharmacies.

An enzyme in general has the task of helping in a wide variety of processes in the human body. There are many different enzymes in the body. In some cases they accelerate the course of certain reactions, in other cases they make the course of a process possible in the first place. The human body is therefore dependent on the presence of enzymes.

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Normally, all enzymes are produced by the body itself and can go about their tasks there undisturbed. However, some people have an enzyme deficiency, most of which affects a single enzyme. This can often be replaced by taking a drug and the body is still fully functional. In some cases, however, the enzyme cannot be replaced with medication.

There are also enzymes in the immune system that control this. The immune system fights pathogens, but also protects the body from other harmful influences, such as stress or harmful environmental influences. In the immune system, it is important that an immune response is triggered quickly when pathogens enter. However, it is just as important that this answer not go too far. This is the case with allergies. So enzymes also work in the immune system, which on the one hand enable a rapid immune response to occur, but on the other hand ensure that it is regulated and occurs in the right amount.

As a rule, the body can ensure that enough enzymes are available to guarantee this regulation. However, if the body is weakened, for example due to an infection or illness, the immune system is often also affected and cannot fully perform its tasks. Here support can be intervened by taking certain preparations.

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The Phlogenzym aktiv is a combination of several enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants (radical scavengers). Both enzymes and vitamins are components that the immune system needs to function optimally.

The enzymes it contains include bromelain, papain, trypsin and chymotrypsin.

Bromelain is obtained from pineapple plants and has anti-inflammatory and anti-coagulant properties and also has a dehydrating effect. Bromelain is also available as a single preparation in pharmacies. Papain is found in papayas and has a similar effect to bromelain.

Trypsin and chymotrypsin are digestive tract enzymes. Since the digestive tract plays an important role for the whole body and through this the enzymes and vitamins are absorbed, it makes sense to include these enzymes in the combination product. All enzymes that occur in the phlogenzyme are available in a form that is optimal for the body to absorb and utilize so that the effect occurs quickly.

Antioxidants, i.e. radical scavengers, are responsible in the body for quickly rendering the harmful substances that can arise in some processes in the body harmless, protecting the body's cells and optimally maintaining the body's balance. For this purpose, quercetin, polyphenols from grape seeds and beta-glucans are contained in the combination preparation. But some vitamins also do this job. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and vitamin E (tocopherol) are also among the radical scavengers.

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Vitamin C is also involved in the structure of the cartilage. Vitamin D (calcium) is indispensable for building bones, for their stability and for muscle work.

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The preparation Phlogenzym mono consists only of bromelain and is therefore not as effective in its effect as the combination preparation.

Applications of Phlogenzym

The ingestion of the phlogenzyme is particularly used when there is an acute inflammation in the body that needs to be combated. The immune system is responsible for this. However, if the immune system is weakened or if it is not fully functional due to other living conditions, it can be supported by taking the phlogenzyme. This is often useful when the body is permanently in a stressful situation or when it is in a situation in which the immune system is not performing optimally. This can be the case with overweight, but also with regular smoking, with diabetes mellitus, with periodontal disease (gum problems) and with constant stress.

Since inflammation in the body is often associated with pain, taking the phlogenzyme also has a pain-relieving effect. Here the phlogenzyme works at the point of origin of the pain, namely at the focus of inflammation. The increased work of the immune system actively combats and alleviates the inflammation, so that as the inflammation recedes, the pain also decreases over time.

This is different from taking painkillers. Because this does not combat the development of the pain, but merely suppresses the transmission of the pain to the brain and the pain signal therefore does not reach the brain. Painkillers only alleviate the symptoms, but do not fight the cause, whereas the phlogenzyme fights the cause of the pain, i.e. the inflammation, via the immune system.

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The phlogenzyme is used for inflammation of the joints. Pain can be relieved in both acute and chronic inflammations, such as inflammatory rheumatism.

The phlogenzyme can be effective for inflammation of the internal organs and inflammation of the paranasal sinuses. The phlogenzyme can also be used effectively in the treatment of acute inflammation and swelling, such as those that occur after operations or sports injuries.

Due to its anticoagulant effect, the phlogenzyme is also used to treat thrombosis in superficial veins, i.e. a blood clot. Here, however, the phlogenzyme should only be used as an additional therapy, since a thrombosis requires rapid treatment by a doctor. Water retention in the body (edema) can also be reduced by taking Phlogenzym.

The phlogenzyme should be taken between meals or at least half an hour before a meal. Two film-coated tablets should be swallowed whole three times a day.

How Phlogenzym works

The phlogenzyme supports the immune system if it is weakened by an infection or the like and is therefore not fully functional. Phlogenzym strengthens the cells of the immune system and ensures that there is little or no loss of function, so that pathogens cannot easily penetrate the body.

In addition, the phlogenzyme has an anticoagulant effect and thus promotes blood circulation. This also has a positive effect on alleviating inflammation, as new nutrients are constantly being delivered to the focus of inflammation via the blood.

Therapy with the phlogenzyme is a systemic therapy, which means that it is effective not only in one part of the body, but in the entire body. This makes sense because the immune system also has its tasks throughout the body.

The phlogenzyme is very well tolerated. Therefore, it can be taken without hesitation over a long period of time and permanently support the body.

The enzyme preparation Wobenzym has a similar mode of action. This is the most famous preparation.

Side effects

Overall, the intake of Phlogenzym has few side effects, since it is composed only of natural components. However, gastrointestinal complaints in the form of diarrhea or stomach pains can occur, and if you are allergic to one or more components of the preparation, an allergic reaction can result in the form of a rash or asthma-like symptoms.

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If other preparations or drugs are taken in addition to Phlogenzym, the possible interactions should be taken into account.

If Phlogenzym is taken together with anticoagulant drugs (e.g. Marcumar), bleeding can occur. It is imperative to prevent this as it can lead to dangerous blood loss.

The simultaneous use of an antibiotic can also lead to undesirable interactions, including an increase in the effectiveness of the antibiotic, and should be discussed with the doctor.

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