The symptoms of lymph gland cancer vary widely and often begin insidiously. Often there are the first warning symptoms, but because of them Unspecificity often go unnoticed. This is one of the reasons that lymph gland cancer is usually diagnosed as an incidental finding or when severe restrictions have already occurred. The so-called B symptoms consisting of Reduced performance, night sweats and unwanted weight loss and a painless one Swelling of lymph nodes.

General symptoms

Many patients complain about flu-like symptoms how Fatigue, exhaustion or poor performance. Often one also finds night sweats (which occur without a known infection) Fever bouts and one unwanted weight loss (which is significant if you lose more than 10% of your body weight within half a year).

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These three symptoms are also called B symptoms and are an indicator of cancer in general. In lymph gland cancer, these symptoms are associated with a slightly worse prognosis.

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Reduction in performance

The first warning signs that can occur in both children and adults and are mostly not associated with cancer are one newly appeared fatigue and weakness. Affected patients have to work harder to carry out everyday activities that were previously unproblematic. Patients need to take a break from normal activities more often than before. Those affected are surprised at this newly emerging weakness, but do not think of this serious illness as the triggering cause.

One should not forget, however, that a new deterioration in performance is not only a symptom of lymphatic cancer, but can also occur in many other diseases.

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Night sweats

Furthermore, it also happens relatively often Sweatswhich occur mainly at night and are not present during the day. This must be done at least once at night Nightgown changed night sweats do not mean simple sweating at night.

The reason why cancers very often lead to sweat in the early stages is the so-called Tumor necrosis factor (TNF), which is formed by the body when the immune system reacts strong and is directed against cancer cells in the case of cancer. The tumor necrosis factor causes short-term, nocturnal temperature increases in the body and triggers sweating. With this so-called night sweat in connection with a drop in performance, doctors usually prick up their ears and start diagnostics in the direction of tumor search.

Weight loss

Furthermore, in the early stages of lymph gland cancer, in addition to the loss of performance and night sweats, abnormal weight loss is often described, although the eating habits have not been changed.

An abnormal and noticeable weight loss applies to an unintentional loss of approx. 10% of the body weight in the last 6 months. When looking at these early symptoms together, one must always think of a malignant disease of whatever kind.

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Symptoms in the armpits

A common symptom of lymphoid cancer is swelling of the lymph nodes. However, such a swelling often occurs in healthy people, for example in the context of infections. A frequent localization of lymph node swellings is, among other things, the armpit area, as there are many lymph nodes here. Lymph gland cancer can also lead to swelling of the lymph nodes in the neck or groin area. In general, a painful swelling (Pressure on the swollen lymph node is painful) rather an indication of a benign happening, for example swelling of the lymph nodes as part of a simple infection.

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Painless swelling and lack of mobility of the lymph node against the surrounding tissue can be an indication of the presence of lymphatic cancer. If the lymph node swelling lasts for several weeks, a doctor should be consulted for further diagnosis.

Symptoms on the neck

Also on the neck are numerous lymph nodes as part of the Immune system localized. As in the armpit, the swelling of one or more lymph nodes in the neck area can also be an indication of the presence of lymph gland cancer. Here too, however, swelling of the lymph nodes occurs much more frequently as part of a simple infection and disappears again after a few days. If the swelling persists for a long time, the doctor should be consulted, who will decide whether further diagnostics are necessary. Painless, swollen lymph nodes and the lack of mobility of the enlarged lymph node against the surrounding tissue should also be clarified by a doctor.

Back pain symptom

Back pain is basically a symptom that almost everyone has probably had before. So it is a very unspecific symptom that can have numerous causes. From poor posture to degenerative changes in the spine and serious illnesses. One of them is the so-called plasmacytoma, also called multiple myeloma. This disease is one of the Lymphoma.

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It is not uncommon for the disease to develop so-called Osteolyses (Dissolution of the bone) in certain areas. If such osteolysis occurs in the area of ​​the spine, it can lead to increasing back pain. It can also be caused by tumor cells Bone loss pathological fractures occur in the course. These are broken bones that can already occur under normal stress and usually arise due to the lack of stability of the bone. If fractures of the vertebral bodies occur, this can become severe Back pain to lead.

It is difficult to differentiatewhen a patient with back pain should see the treating family doctor, as there is often a harmless cause hidden behind it. If back pain persists for several days / weeks, a visit to the family doctor cannot hurt, who can then decide after the physical examination whether a further diagnosis should be carried out.

Symptom of itching

itching can occur as a symptom of lymphatic cancer. The itching often affects the whole body and is very distressing for the affected patient. In addition to purely herbal remedies or home remedies, there are numerous ointments with various active ingredients that have been developed to treat itching or allergic reactions. There are also tablets which Antihistamines contain. This includes, for example Fenistyle. This is often very effective for itching, but makes many patients very tired. Patients who suffer from itching as part of a lymphoma disease should speak to their treating oncologist (specialist in cancer) about therapeutic options. Incidentally, like back pain, itching is a very unspecific symptom. It can have numerous causes, often they are completely harmless.

Symptoms in Children

The symptoms that occur in childhood lymphatic cancer can hardly differ from those that occur in adults. A common symptom is swelling of the lymph nodes. These occur mainly in the neck, armpits and groin area. Swollen lymph nodes, the painless and are difficult to move against the surrounding tissue can indicate the presence of a malicious (malignant) disease.

There may also be swelling of the lymph nodes in the area of ​​the abdomen or chest, which can lead to symptoms such as coughing, difficulty breathing, abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. Other, but unspecific, symptoms in children with lymph gland cancer can be the following: weight loss, heavy night sweats, decreased appetite, decreased performance and weakness, fever and itching all over the body. Bone pain, back pain, headache, swelling of the spleen and liver (usually not visible from the outside), anemia and susceptibility to infection can also occur in the context of lymphatic cancer.

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Most of these symptoms can also occur as part of a harmless infection and should therefore not cause too much concern at the beginning. If they persist for a longer period of time, however, a doctor should be consulted.

Swelling of the lymph nodes

Symptoms that almost always occur in lymphatic cancer are lymph node swelling not associated with an infection and which can occur at different lymph node stations in the body.

The lymph nodes can be the size of a grape or a hazelnut, mostly they are not painful, not reddened and often not displaceable against the skin. The consistency is usually firm and firm. In advanced stages, the lymph nodes can become the size of a fist.

That is important Differentiation from infection-related lymph node swellingwhich can already be present with a cold infection. This swelling of the lymph nodes usually forms a few weeks after the infection back again. In some cases, however, these lymph nodes can still remain thickened and palpable without this being an indication of cancer.

The lymph nodes in lymph gland cancer are mostly palpable at the usual lymph node stations. They include them Neck lymph nodes, the inguinal lymph nodes and the lymph node stations in the armpits. The Hodgkin lymphoma (a subgroup of lymph gland cancers) occurs primarily on the neck and causes swelling there. In addition to the superficial lymph nodes that the doctor can feel during a physical examination, the cancer can also develop in lymph nodes that are in the body. This can also lead to swelling of the lymph nodes in the chest and / or abdominal cavity come. These lymph nodes can only be determined with an ultrasound or a CT or MRI scan of the abdomen or the chest.

The lymph node swellings, which in principle can occur throughout the body, can also Pressure on the surrounding tissue exercise. In addition to the blood vessels, these also include the nerve tracts on which pressure can be exerted. This can then too Pain in very different places on the body. The complex interconnection of the nerve tracts can also lead to a transmission to regions of the body that are far away from the thickened lymph node station. So it can e.g. to Back or leg pain come.

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Other possible symptoms

Approx. 10-25% of sick patients develop one itchingwhich can affect the skin of the entire body. The exact cause of this itching is this not known. It is believed, however, that the degenerated cells release certain chemical substances that irritate the sensitive nerves of the skin and thus cause itching.

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If the lymph gland cancer is already at an advanced stage, it can spread like all other types of cancer, so-called Metastases form. Here are especially in lymph gland cancer Liver and spleen often affected, and as a result, these organs can become extremely enlarged, known as hepatosplenomegaly. But also in other lymph nodes Cancer cells can settle and thereby the lymph gland cancer spreads to other lymph node stations in the body.

In Hodgkin's lymphoma, very typical symptoms are unfortunately very rare. This would add an itch that worse on contact with water becomes and pain in the affected lymph node after drinking alcohol belong.

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