Formation and triggering

The development of labor is based on the body's own hormones, oxytocin and prostaglandins. Oxytocin is produced in the hypothalamus and, by binding to receptors, causes the uterus to contract (uterus). In the course of pregnancy, there is an increase in receptors in the uterine muscles, so that sensitivity increases.

Oxytocin is also the active ingredient in the contraceptive drop. They find out what the contraction drip is.

The exact mechanism to induce labor “at the right time” has not yet been definitively researched. Causes are discussed, such as increased pressure on and stretching of the uterus, influences of the child and the effects of maternal hormones. Below are natural labor inducing tips.

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Natural tricks to induce labor

Tips about inducing labor

A natural increase in labor is achieved through exercise such as a walk, but also bobbing on a rubber ball. This will reduce the pressure on the cervix increased by the child's head and the probability of triggering labor increases.

Another natural way to induce labor is through sexual intercourse. On the one hand, sperm contain prostaglandins, which have a labor-inducing effect; on the other hand, oxytocin is released during an orgasm, which leads to uterine contraction.

Furthermore, you can drink a so-called labor cocktail to induce labor (in consultation with a midwife). The basis of the drink is castor oil, which stimulates digestion. Due to the increased movement and contraction of the intestine, which is close to the uterus at the end of pregnancy due to the large uterus, these movements can be transferred to the uterus and thus possibly trigger labor. Overdosing, incorrect use or incorrect composition can lead to complications, so consulting a doctor / midwife is recommended.

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Alternatively, you can also take tea with cloves and ginger. The onset of labor can then take up to 2 days.

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