Figure pain in the large intestine: location of the abdominal organs around the large intestine and causes of the pain (A-F)

Colon pain

  1. Liver - Hepar
  2. Colon, ascending part -
    Ascending colon
  3. Appendix - Caecum
  4. Appendix -
    Appendix vermiformis
  5. Rectum - Rectum
  6. Large intestine, transverse part -
    Transverse colon
  7. Colon, descending part -
    Descending colon
  8. Small intestine -
    Intestine tenue
  9. Stomach - Guest

    A - colon polyps
    (Thickening of the mucous membrane
    or glandular tissue)
    B - Colon Cancer -
    Colon cancer
    (Malignant tumors of the intestine)
    C - appendicitis
    (Inflammation of the appendix)
    D - colon diverticulum
    (Protrusions of the intestinal wall)
    E Crohn's disease
    (Chronic inflammatory
    Bowel disease)
    F - ulcerative colitis
    (Chronic inflammation
    of the colon)
    -Food intolerance,
    a lot of stress, eating too fast

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